Running the server
./FreeBuild.bin -dedicated -mission core/data/missions/MAPNAME.mis [-nohomedir]
The optional -nohomedir option will use the local files for configuration in place of storing them in the user running the server's home directory. (This only applies on Linux)

Mac OS(From

./ -dedicated -mission core/data/missions/MAPNAME.mis

Windows(From Dedicated.bat):

start freebuild.exe -dedicated -mission "core/data/missions/MAPNAME.mis"

Useful Server Console Commands

serversay("Text Here"); send text as Server: to the text box
serverannounce("This is your message.","Time in seconds (default 15)","Num lines(defaults 1)");send an announcement to the server

saveBlocks("BUILD_NAME"); save a build as BUILD_NAME
loadblocks("BUILD_NAME");Restores the build named BUILD_NAME
loadsavelist();Lists saved builds (this is currently in a client script that must be exec'd first)

Stuck. ~elfprince. Also updated a couple of things for accuracy and to reflect changes with new commits.
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