Hey, I can do clay rendering now.


FeedBack wrote:
Sure, as DTS or MS3D?

MS3D, unless you're comfortable exporting animation sequences and collisions.

That clay look is really cool, btw.

If ANYONE finds the loader dozer .DTS email it to feedbackrtb@gmail.com ASAP
FeedBack wrote:


Wow, those are awesome! Very Happy

How long does it take to make one?

And the Tunnel Transport took me an hour.
Woah, those look really nice! Btw can you try to make working lights for the Hover Scout?
I don't do scripting, if elfprince would like to mount lights to them, go ahead.
Rapid Rider:
I vote sexbot next...
How about this?

Also, can you make the minigun a little more roundish? It looks little like *cough*retailish*cough*
DShiznit wrote:
I vote sexbot next...

SpaceNinja wrote:
How about this?

F*cking ow...
Why do you use poly-count reducer when it is far more sensible to remodel it lowpoly? The polycount reducer creates lots of pointy edges and such and doesn't understand edgeflow and topology very well.

Also, just because something is "blocky" doesn't instantly mean Retail(OMG HOW HORRIBLE) is going to come knocking on your door. It looks lego-like and I think you should keep with it.

Feed, I hope you're deleting hidden faces on those vehicles if you're going to keep going with that "put together with a bunch of shapes" look, if not I suggest you use the extrusion tool to model it. May I also ask if all you're doing is modelling something super-high poly then just using the reducer?
The hidden faces are removed, as far as it doesn't disturb the model overall look.
"Put together with a bunch of shapes" is actually modeling each brick and constructing the peices.
No. The rock raider pack was an old project in which I still thought the blockland engine could handle such large amounts of polygons, so I made some exceptions, the polycount reducer is used right now just to turn super mega high poly models into much, much less, to handle the engine.
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