Yeah, T1 lines are expensive (although not always great. Some T1 lines are only 1.5mbs)

Well, yeah, but the upload rates are also 1.5 mbps, much higher than my 270 kbps upload rate right now.
Hehe...good luck with that Very Happy
Well, I can't afford $500 a month, so Crying However, in Europe they have ADSL which is at 20mpbs for something like $100 USD...it's a great deal for the up/down rates, except I'm not in Europe...
(Note to self: move to Europe. Very Happy ) Just Joking
Laughing I'd move to Japan; they probably have even something faster than ADSL for under $100 Laughing
Yeah, but I don't really need that kind of speed.
I do! Very Happy But wait, I'd live where they make the anime, so maybe not...Laughing
Very Happy Nice. Constant d/ling, eh?
You have no idea...ph43r Laughing
Oh, knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised. I spend ten times as many minutes deleting topics when you're around. Very Happy Cool
Laughing If my ISP charged me by how much bandwidth I used...oh, my parents would not be happy Very Happy Laughing

Reminds me of those cellphone commericals Very Happy
Hehe...you wouldn't do well with limited-bandwidth webhosting, would you?
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