Actually some of you might not know yet but EPS is dead, most staff voted for disbanding so far because no one post here anymore due to forums problems and such. When I saw it was dying I started thinking about starting a new team, however I dont want to start with a forum only site from scratch, seeing how hard it is to start up so instead I plan to start a programming team on Omnimaga forums. So far the forums are into a activity outburst, getting between 55 and 90 posts a day so its alerady going pretty well.

I am looking for good z80 and 68k programmers for any language (BASIC, ASM, C, ETP, etc). I am not only accepting RPG programmers but programmers for any game genres/programming tools as well. Basically Omnimaga will have a download section for RPGs from the community as well as one for staff programs/games. I am looking for active staff.

If you are interested PM me on the forums with the following info:
-Programming languyage you know
-Current project under developpement and screenshots or demos if possible

EDIT: I now accept PC programmers as well, there was some interest for this on other forums. It will be more game oriented though and not necessarly for calcs
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