Good, I'm going to launch the 68k set today.
*registers calc*

why do you need the calc ID's?
I'm making the gCn clients use a Cemetech userid, password double-md5, and SID to identify the calculator as a valid client.
so does the calc send computer the password, then the comp applies double md5? or does the calc send password to comp already md5'd
hmmm. md5 preregistered oncalc.

Edit: OK, the 5 new calc models are now available for registration.
I actually have routines for md5 hash in C. Porting to z80 shouldn't be too hard...
I have a 92...
No, see, will have a tool to produce the necessary md5 that can be typed in, or alternatively create an appvar that Doors CS will read from.
wow, a lot of work
For me, yes, not for users. Smile

TI-84+ SE
ill register my calc, as soon as i get one
CDI wrote:
I have a 92...

cool. gCn for the 68K's won't be accessed from Doors CS (since it's a z80 app), instead a separate program will be written using the Moka.
Yeah, makin Doors CS for the 68k would kind of be wierd, since there is already Doors OS... But then, if Kerm were to do it... Smile
Laughing I might eventually do it, but it would be kinda pointless, the 68ks already have similar progs, while the z80s don't.
Yeah... I want to learn to program C on the 89, but I have other things to do first...
Moka for me. I already know java, so it would just be a matter of familiarizing myself with the new libraries
Made any progress on the comp-side host?
I'm out, its over my head still... (Unfortunately)

I would have had better luck if the tilp libraries had a working text-mode, but everything is GTK, which is annoying

maybe i'll give it another shot in a couple days, but i doubt i'll figure it out
Gar. OK, whatever you can do.
Not many people use Moka, most use TI-GCC (which usually creates better code anyway, no offense, it's just a fact). Here's a semi-big discussion on it:
If it would be just a program that stands alone, doing the base works of gCn, it wouldn't be that bad, just bloated (and probably over the 64K program limit) because of all the things gCn will have. I would suggest making a static library in TI-GCC that is used at compile-time in programs that want to use it for greater linking and such. This way programs could trade scores over gCn and FPS games could use messaging for teams and such (if one would ever be made).
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