Hey, not a bad idea.... I like it!!
KermMartian wrote:
Made any progress on the comp-side host?

waiting for more info on the protocol
Oookay, how goes the interface?
good, I have the menus, a packet class, preferenes window which doesn't do anything and an "About this program" box
What exactly are you going to make elf? If it's a single program and is only able to be used individually, size may be an issue for Moka, seeing as OOP gets a little bloated for calcs. If it is able to be used by other programs, Java may not be the way to go since most people program in TI-GCC (you're the only one I've ever heard that is making a program with Moka so far, but there may be more, I don't know). Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to prevent you from getting this done, I'm just trying to say that if it is the latter and it forces programs to be over 30000 bytes and it only does IM stuff or file transfers, I don't think it's a great use of memory, C would be a much better route.

<IDEAS>IM clients, which could be sorta like ICQ, but with the ID # instead and have a "friends list" and such stored in an external file (68k at least) and I guess room for 50 or so on z80 in writeback. This would make something like Chatzilla possible too</IDEAS>.
i believe elf is referring to the computer side one, not the 68k one
Moka is a converter from Java->C for 68k calcs. Here's what elf said:
cool. gCn for the 68K's won't be accessed from Doors CS (since it's a z80 app), instead a separate program will be written using the Moka.

So even if elf is making the pc side, if the calc program is in Moka, it will be bloated (it's just how Moka works versus TI-GCC) for what it does. A simple "Hello World" program takes ~1000 bytes alone in Moka. In TI-GCC, it's only 271 bytes. Moka only pays off if the functions are used enough and 64K of working space doesn't give enough memory to make up the massive difference.
OK, so maybe TIGCC is the way to go then?
Probably, seeing as this way there could be modular things inside of programs, maybe even available as a program that can be called in BASIC...
Now THAT would be incredibly awesome...
do the 68k's have openLib, execLib?
ASM programs can be passed arguments. Each thing will have its own program (such as IMing, file transfer, and so on). That would make something like tiim(username, password) where the program first checks for a valid connection, then if the username is available through the server, the calc ID, and finally the password.
Eeexcellent, piggybacking on the other protocols I designed?
I haven't started anything, I'm just spouting off ideas right now...
No no, I know, I have some kinda plan for protocols already that I have discussed with elfprince, I was saying those probably wouldn't be too hard to port.
im pretty sure im gonna win the graphiTI for ky!! so ill have a calc soon enought Smile!

i could lose my internet at any time Sad and it wont b bak till oct 3Sad but i will have higher speed with cable instead of dsl Smile
I was suggesting that it be written with Moka, because I am writing a computer side interface with Java, and Moka would let me reuse existing classes that I create for the computer side client
Hmmm, seems there are pros and cons to both.
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