Checking my statistics today, I was flabbergasted to find that Doors CS v5.1 has accrued more than ten thousand downloads at ticalc.org alone since it was released. Ranked #2 this week for TI-83/+ downloads and 101 for total downloads, it's rating is moving steadily upward as more people download it. This comes shortly after I discovered the ticalc.org archivers had updated the incorrect version and fixed the problem. You can see the page and download Doors CS below:

Doors CS at ticalc.org

Or to download locally:

And the shell is also located at http://tifreakware.calcgames.org/ainfo/68.htm

It currently has only 18 downloads, but was only posted on the 18th.
Congrats, Kerm!
Hehe...thanks, this is inspiring me to work on 6.
cool, hope 6 turns out well.
Indeed. I think I may work on my long-neglected MIDI-->MT3 convertor today.
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