When I went to play Ultimate Pong V2.0 in DCS today, I noticed that it was really slow, but in MOS or the prgm Menu, it was fine, can you try and figure it out.
[slightlyofftopic] speaking of DCS5, where's the newest download link, w/ all the bugfixes and stuff?[/slightlyofftopic]
true, that would be helpful, I found like 3 downloads on my comp for DCS, and I can't figure out which one is right. That, and I have a group on my calc of DCS and I am not sure which version it is.
I have talked to Kerm about this before. Its true, there is a noticable speed difference. Could it be that Doors sets some time of slow interupt mode Confused My guess is that it either does that or sets some other type of slow operating mode. I obviously don't have the source so only Kerm knows Smile
well, I hope this can be resolved soon, but then again, I may be using the wrong verion of DCS5
Well, I think you will have to wait for another Doors release for that Wink so it could be awhile Wink Idea Why not use another shell in the meantime Question
If you have the latest version of DCS5, it automatically sets the fast speed for TI-BASIC programs on an 83+SE or 84+SE. To get the latest version, check out:

i noticed that too today when i was doing some beta testing... with DCS, that game *gasp* flickers! *gasp*... then i changed some stuff, now it doesnt flicker... but when you move your character is in two places for almost a second...
Which game? We're talking about SEs, right?
He may be refferering to Ultimate Pong
No, I know, but which calculator model, one of the Silvers?
that, and what changes did he make?
Huh? The SE automatically shifts DCS5 into 5MHz mode, and DCS in turn makes BASIC programs run at 15MHz as long as you have DCS5.2
well, on ticalc.org, you only have 5.1
Sorry, that's what I meant. I didn't release 5.2 yet. Cool
How much longer until we have 5.2? is a beta available yet?
That would be info to know.
Not yet, I'd say a week on the outside.
how about the inside
Laughing Let's just say 1 week period.
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