Cemetech always had a big percentage of off-topic discussion compared to calc stuff. It just increased more with the time. The nice thing unlike other calc sites, though, is that Cemetech kept its original core group of users around during the entire time. Since most of those people moved on, it's sure going to have less calc talk. Also, back in 2007 the TI community overall activity started dwindling and that, combined with the Jatol incident, hurt Cemetech pretty bad. I think at that time Kerm started looking for ways to branch out. A bunch of other TI sites thought about that before too. MaxCoderz started looking for PC programmers, UTI added more off-topic sections and we added music creation/ROM hacking.

Each TI calculator forum is different. There are less off-topic ones, some with no project showcase section and some nicer ones, but it all depends of people preferences. Suggestions are usually welcome on all, but you cannot change the admins' (and the core user base) wills completely. The best thing to do is to find the forums that suits your needs the best.

Btw, if we include the off-topic posts, Cemetech would rank at least 2nd in daily activity in all English TI forums. (Just check the ID number of the first post made in 2010 and subtracts it from the ID of the latest forum post. That works with most PHPBBs and IPBs providing they're not hosted on free forum hosting providers like Invisionfree) Without the off-topic posts, it may be much less, but I am pretty sure it is still in 2nd position or close, especially with the recent TI-BASIC questions.
xenonparadox wrote:
No human being on the planet would want to search through hundreds of pages of posts to find out if a person knows Asm.
That's why you would go to the z80 ASM section and post a topic with a question. Voila, anyone who visits regularly and knows z80 ASM will see you and help you or offer advice on how to find the answer.
xenonparadox wrote:
Altogether im just saying members need to have a better connection to the site, like a category for posts entirely on their interests. I know HTML and Javascript, if you want i'll write another "version" of cemetech and send it to you to see what you think but somethings gotta be done
Cemetech is underpinned by HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL, and shell scripting galore. It's no big deal that you know HTML/Javascript; I'd go further than rthprog and say that at least 90% of the active members know Javascript and close to if not precisely 100% can write HTML.

This topic is a waste of everyone's time, and tifreak8x has correctly locked it. Learn to use the search bar and subfora.
This topic was locked because of the very thing you were preaching against, and I quote:

But what happens to those posts?They're lost among millions of bytes of useless junk, locked and forgotten.

This topic has quite become just like that.
I know I know, locked topic and all that - get over it. I just gotta correct something Wink

xenonparadox wrote:
Cemetech already IS a blog.

No, it isn't. Its a forum. From what I've read, you don't have any idea what a blog is, so here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog

A blog is a site with content posted by a singular person upon which people can optionally leave comments. The only thing that even remotely resembles a blog here is the front page news, which is almost never updated.

Also, you can just look at the new posts since you last logged in, you don't have to browse to find new stuff. I pretty much only ever go here when I log in: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/search.php?search_id=newposts

And frankly, if you can't figure out how to navigate a forum that is just pathetic. Everything is organized into categories and even has descriptions of what goes on in each section
No no, that was a very constructive post, that's why gmods have posting rights in locked topics.
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