what, are saying those who use dialup are idiots. Just to let you know I have family that can't get broadband, and there is a good programmer up there also.
I am stuck with dialup... Sad Mainly because I cannot afford anything better right now...
I would probably slit my wrists if I had dialup. Sad
Ahhh, yay for college computer labs. Smile
@ JPez, no, you just live with it till you can afford better. Very Happy
Aye, I'd probably be happy with 56k (56k>0)
true, true, true
But after a few days I'd start complaining and demand broadband Smile
yeah. I know what that will be like. I have to go to the UP for the week, land of dial-up. The only computer I may have ready access to (ohter than my lappy), would be my grand mothers 98 machine (I don't know if I wnat to deal with 9x). SO, I will not be posting next week much, if at all
Razz Ouch.
well, I lived through it, just brought up my laptop, so I at least had an NT based machine (XP to be specific) to use, but no internet, so I guess it helped me. I tried some things I know about 2k/XP on 98 and said,ok, why is it so diffrent? Oh well, what can you do.
current problem:
[] that fancy cemetech ID card doesn't work anymore
Indeed, nothing to do about it

Erm, ID card, lemme take a look.
Gasp! Surprised When I typed in "www.cemetech.tk" in the address bar, it sent me to index.shtml instead of index.php. (It basically said your site didn't exist, which probably isn't a good thing to have on the homepage) Very Happy
What?! The search bar seriously doesn't like me. It says something to the effect of "Search database cannot be found...contact system administrator." You should reprimand it.
Yeah...search is kinda borked. I'm working on upgrading that.
Sad Not good: I can't logout, and I'm at school right now.
Erm...what happens when you try to logout?
"Error: Invalid_Session"
Ugh, I ran into that myself once. Just let the session expire on its own and it should be ok.
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