Marianas was first posted about in a CC20 thread. This thread is for updates.
See a short description of the game if you are unaware of it below. Further down are the 1.1 patch notes.

Marianas is a game in which you traverse across the bottom of the ocean. You must keep an eye on the crew's happiness, your oxygen level, and the health of the ship. You will encounter random obstacles that require you to make decisions. Some obstacles are mini-games. Everytime something new is encountered a new entry can be found in the Captain's Log, which players may then read to be informed about their choices.

Update 1.1 (The Mutiny Update) is now live! Download here:

~Ship modifications - Upgrade your hull to reduce damage taken from all sources and your amenities to increase crew happiness. More mods coming in the near future.
~Loot crates - Find small amounts of scrap in common crates and level 4 ship mods in epic crates. Everytime you advance you have a 24% of finding a loot crate on your way to an obstacle.
~The crew - A new meter has been added which keeps track of crew happiness. The crew is saddened by failure (such as failure to escape a monster or traverse a cave) and elated at success (such as beating a monster or finding loot). Everytime you advance, there is a chance the crew will petition for something. Usually these things require oxygen or scrap. Declining will decrease the happiness of the crew and accepting will increase the happiness.
~Sickness - The crew can become sick and will lose happiness for the next 3 turns
~Mutiny - The lower the happiness bar, the higher the chance of a mutiny. During a mutiny, you may try to talk to or restrain the mutinous crew member.

~More scrap from scavenging wreckage
~Distance gained from traversing caves as well as damage taken if failed greatly increased to give players more incentive to explore a cave before making a decision
~Repair cost increased
~Max scrap increased from 99 to 999
~Changed death screen so that you can see what killed you (no health, oxygen, ect.). This took me probably 6+ hours because I had to change something in the program everytime you would lose oxygen or health and accidently messed it all up. The program now checks if you have no oxygen or health after you finish an obstacle, so you could be brought down to 0 health during a fight and wouldn't lose the game until the fight was over
~Display meters are now relevant to maximum, allowing the max amount of health/oxygen/happiness to be changes. In the future the sub will level up and the max health and oxygen will be increased.

Something to note: the game doesn't always update the meters because that would be more code. Everything will be fully updated when you complete an obstacle and see the "Advance" option. Also, loot crates and mutinies happen on your way to an obstacle. So you could hit Advance and find a loot crate, have a mutiny, and find a cave without hitting Advance again. Crew demands can also happen along with the others, but will not happen if there has been a mutiny. Sickness is generated by the same random generator as the crew's demands, so the crew getting sick will only happen if there has not been a mutiny or a crew demand.

I was planning on adding more to this update, but wanted to release it to get everyone's opinions on the large amount of new content. In the future (next update or two) expect to see saving progress, a new obstacle dodging minigame, more crew requests, and more ship mods. And optimizations. The program is 39000 something bytes right now.

I tested this game but obviously there could still be bugs I missed. Please reply to this post with suggestions, balances, and bug reports.

Screenshots of 1.1:

Thank you to the admins for getting this into archives so shortly after the end of CC20!
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