Laughing I second that.
if it were real though, it wuold be sweet.
nah... im seeing a sine wave here...

unbelievble: man burns building...

------------------------------------------- Believable (dad fries watches)->

unbelievable (tifreak shocks people at will)

(look at it sideways... and draw imaginary lines Razz)
Believe what you like. I used to do it. I could only do it a couple times...

My dad has to wear this $400 dollar watch, because of the high amount of electricty that runs through him, he will suck the life out of a normal watch in about a month.

I also read about this guy (I think he was from India, it was quite a while ago) who was protesting about something, and he covered himself with gasoline, sat in the middle of the street and burned to death. (Trust me, I believe it a dumb way to protest) But the report said he never screamed once, never cringed in pain.

Who was it that called such energies chi power...? I will have to check in to that... Confused
heh... if you say so... i remember the time i was at the saluda library and some idiot shocked one of the computers to death...
ROTFL...I've done that unwittingly to CPUs, but only by touching pins without grounding myself first. Laughing
needless to say, the library carpet was replaced a week later, and a humidifier installed... (the carpet is now an inch thinner than when that happened)
Hehe...took them long enough to learn... Smile
One time I touched the case of a computer that was running...very bad shock, and then it just turned off. Kinda weird though, because I was grounded to the chassis...Confused

this sounds oddly familiar though... Dad cant wear any watch that isnt water proof to 3 atmospheres, cuz if the seal is too weak his body's natural energy fries the electronics inside... he actually fried the capacitors in a kinetic watch once

Is he one of those people who walks under street lights and they go off?

Who was it that called such energies chi power...? I will have to check in to that... Confused

Chi, Ki, whatever you want to call it...basically you learn enough about your body to control it, like regulating your body temperature, taking immense pain, etc.

lol, I used to be able to control mine a little bit. I used to concentrate like I was forcing energy to my hands, and then I could walk up to someone at school and shock the s*** out of em. Laughing That used to be so much fun... (and it was tiled flooring, no carpet. Smile)

I can do weird things with my hands too; my hands are always cold (read freezing), it's kinda cool, because although I can't freeze water, I can make water condense near my hands (it's not sweat; put my hands onto any surface, and you'll see a briefy section of moisture; sweat would stay). I need to put my hands up near a thermometer some time...they've gotta be at least 40 degrees Fareinheight.
they've gotta be at least 40 degrees Fareinheight

Fahrenheit? and of course they've got to be at least 40 degrees, since 98.6 is at least 40... Razz
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