I was thinking about adding a few of the decals I had "made/found the image for" but I was wondering if the LDraw library would effect the decal/decal brick. I was going to post this in a LDraw topic but I can't seem the find the one I'm thinking of.

here is what I managed to do so far.
(the two games are just something I am using in TOB for one of my builds I'm working on so you may ignore them)

this is the decal in the lower right the picture

and lastly I wanted to buy me a reeses peanut butter cup Smile

Haha, very nice. You were really into those vending machine, eh? Smile
There are several websites where you can run an image through and produce a LDraw decal. My guess is it would be good to texture decals with image textures for quality, but if you want to distribute models to LDraw communities, you'll need a real model.
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