Does anyone know where to find a .mp3 to .midi converter? I want some songs on my mobileTunes. If not, would it be possible to convert mp3 files directly to mt3?
Think about the .mp3 format. Then think about MIDI. Then think about how you could convert between the two.

If you don't understand why it isn't possible, or at least won't have really lame results, think about it harder.
what about direct mp3 to the mobile tunes format?
Here's the issue, also [vaguely] mentioned by allynfolksjr: MIDI is a format which specifies pitches, voices, and dynamics. As for MP3 files, the format stores actual audio at certain qualities (determined by the file's bitrate). MIDIs are decoded, and audio is generated during that process. The actual audio for the voices is not inside the MIDI, either. MP3s are decoded, but here, audio is already stored inside of the file. Any programs designed to "convert" MP3s to MIDIs are far from optimal, because they are forced to determine different pitches from the MP3 source and attempt to find an equivalent for the MIDI format. However, because most music has multiple instruments, the different voices may interfere with each other and cause issues with MIDI generation. If you desire to have an MP3 converted into a MIDI, it would be a much better option, though taking some work, to locate sheet music for the song and make your own MIDI.

In conclusion: Sorry, but it would be highly difficult to obtain a similar audio sample in MIDI format using an MP3 (or WAV, M4A, OGG, FLAC, etc.) source.
Also, MT3's are similar to MIDIs in that they also use Pitches, but even lack Voices (and Dynamics I think, but I'm not sure)

There are other calculator music programs that work around this, but you can only store around 2 mins of audio max, no more will fit on the calc.

Example: PlayWav
I have been tossing around the idea of an MP3 -> MIDI converter, but in order to get the best results, it would no doubt take ages to get a decent sounding MIDI, and it could very well be larger than the source MP3, and if you plan to play it on a mobile device, you have another thing coming. It would either be really slow, or not play at all.
Just go get a cheap MP3 player like a Sansa Clip+. It'll be much more convenient, and you can actually play good music on it Wink
You can approximate MP3s with MIDIs with many tracks and very short notes, but that's the wrong solution. A program that tries to extract instrument information and notes from an MP3 would be extremely challenging from a signal-processing standpoint; I'm not sure if anyone has tried it before. What do you have against just using MIDI files? You can find MIDIs for many songs with a simple Google search.
I'm going to ask again,

What about direct mp3 to the mobile tunes format?
I answered that one: MT3s are simplified midis.
Spenceboy98 wrote:
I'm going to ask again,

What about direct mp3 to the mobile tunes format?
Did you miss everywhere in this thread where people said that MP3s are for continuous, real audio whereas MIDIs store simplified information such as [instrument, note duration] tuples? Razz MP3 and MIDI/MT3 aren't really equivalent other than both describing audio.
These mp3 to midi converter are working or not?
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