from a talk on #calcgames... Cemetech came up in the discussion... and now i'm one step away from a ban there...

<CDI_> the forums have things on Doors CS
* CDI_ is a big DCS supporter
<Alex10819> oh yeah... 6 is looking good... though i doubt it it'll turn out the way he says
<Alex10819> but if it does, i think it could take down Mirage
<CDI_> I don't... although I told him to not use GS or have it as a option... GS kills battery life
<Andy_J> Alex10819, ha
<Andy_J> that'll be the day
<Alex10819> have you seen the stuff he's putting into it?
<Andy_J> no and I don't want to
<Alex10819> full grayscale... USB8x support...
<Andy_J> He'll only have success with people who don't know him
<Andy_J> la de da
<Andy_J> usb8x doesn't do calc<-->calc linking
<Alex10819> it can... if you have a silverlink
<Andy_J> if you have a silverlink then why use the usb port
<AnthonyL> yay i made a button
<Alex10819> think... on a silverlink, you have an I/O and a USB
<AnthonyL> with no effort whatsoever
<Alex10819> and who says it wont do linking?
<aquanight> Alex10819: there is no reason to use the silverlink
<Andy_J> yes
<Alex10819> i was offering an EXAMPLE...
<Andy_J> a poor one
<aquanight> Every calculator I know of has at least one calc-to-calc cable with it.
<Andy_J> I can see if he's making usb keyboard and/or mouse support though
<CDI_> I beleve that if he puts in 4 things... Calc-Comp/Calc linking, AutoOff, the option to press 2nd then ON to shut it down but have it come back up into DCS, and a BASIC editor... I'll never use the TI-OS again
<aquanight> meh
<aquanight> imho usb support like that should be OS-level not application-level Wink
<Andy_J> CDI_, so you won't use the calculator for *GASP* calculations? *SHUDDER*
<aquanight> besides
<aquanight> I'd never use any of Kerm's stuff
<aquanight> just because it's Kerm
<Alex10819> oh, thats racist
<Andy_J> aquanight, that's one of my other points
<CDI_> Andy_J: he has prgms that do calculations tho
<Andy_J> [11:26:43] <@Andy_J> He'll only have success with people who don't know him
<Andy_J> CDI_, right, and they're probably twice as large and slow as the OS
<Alex10819> i know him, and i would download it
<Alex10819> so that blows your theory outta the water
<Andy_J> then you don't know him well enough
<Andy_J> the things he does are dispicable
<CDI_> meh... as I see it... I'd rather use a 83+ than a SE so I don't care about speed
<aquanight> ...oh dear
<Alex10819> ok, so if i said you were dispicable for flaming him constantly in the past, would that mean you are dispicable now?
<Andy_J> Flames != criticism
* aquanight prepares the stfu bomb...
<aquanight> I can see where this is going :/
<Alex10819> uhhuh... there was a petition... stating you were FLAMING... now can we get off this subject?
* CDI_ sits quietly in the corner
<Andy_J> ...
<Andy_J> those fuckers were fucker
<Andy_J> s
<Andy_J> it wasnt flaming
<Alex10819> new subject!
<Andy_J> you bring it up again and its a ban
<Alex10819> new subject!
<CDI_> so! who here has plaied LRB?
<CDI_> *played
* Alex10819 disappears... gaming talk has re-emerged
Sheesh. Maybe he needs to get laid or something... Mad
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Sheesh. Maybe he needs to get laid or something... Mad

nope, this'll prolly make him madder if his girl leaves him Neutral
lol, I could think of a few good reasons why... Laughing

Did you read the post about the mini link cable that you replied to? Isn't it bad form for an admin of that site to be cussing out people?
hmm... i could say something VERY mean... but i wont, cuz i already owe andy for putting my IRC channel on the CGbotnet... (if someone would host my bot i could change that)
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Did you read the post about the mini link cable that you replied to? Isn't it bad form for an admin of that site to be cussing out people?

hrm... where? here, or CG?
Well, If I knew exactly what you need, I might be willing...
the mini link cable post
lol, posted at same time... It was TI 8E SE HELP topic...

ahh I see... Very Happy seems if this dosen't get better we'll have a real Andy problem on our hands

Andy isn't that bad of a guy, he just has problems with certain other people. Z and A need to get him to calm down or give it up, though I don't know who they would hire in to take over his spot...

And I was noticing over the past month or so he had been doing fairly well. Is it me, or does his mood swings kinda act like PMS... Laughing
OMG! you're right! d00d... ewwww

oh well... shit happens in life...

What do we do? Hope A and Z take some sort of action by readin the post at calcgames? A does come here everyonce in a while, maybe he will see this and respond...
well, Nikky will read it eventually... his name was logged on when this took place, so he has logs...
Well, he is cool, so hopefully things will get worked out... Smile
yeah, i like Nikky... he's funny...

hmm... maybe we should form a "get Andy a vacation" fund?
I posted a rant in that topic on the!
probably deleted... shit happens...
So, perhaps someone would like to explain to me a couple things.
1) Why do we have this incredible urge to paste everything ever said on IRC on in forum? This is IRC, and as everyone seems to quick to point out, if you need a place to vent, that's where you do it!

2) I fail to see any flaming.

3) Starting a thread like this and pasting an IRC conversation is typical troll behavior, since it doesn't really serve any purpose.
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