What is the easiest way to maintain a collection of links? I want to be able to easily sort them, provide information about each one, and add new links through a form. Also, my host does not allow PHP or CGI. Can this be accomplished with Javascript/HTML?
Gar. No, it cannot. Sad
yeah, I don't think so, but, there are other possibilities for checking out. Give them a shot.
For example, if you could find a script, I'd be happy to host it here.
Well, I was thinking a bunch of web pages with the individual web links on them and their descriptions. They would be automatically sorted when you viewed the folder that contained them, but that would be crude and lame.
yeah, I know Ti-Freak Has a nice layout (used it myself), but I am preety sure it uses PHP (can I get the script TI-Freak8x?)
Actually, I wrote TI-Freak's link script. Very Happy
well, me's likes, and me's wants
Rarg. I'll have to publish it then.
What did you think of my idea?
It would work, but that is a lot of web pages, your call of course.
Well, You could just place it all on one page, just don't use any banners. I myself am thinking of removing my banner page...

Anywho, just do them alphabetically, with a list of the alphabet on top to link to that section of the page. Smile

In your case, that would be the simplest solution.
I concur. Smile
You can go through my list of links if you want, Jon. Hopefully there will be many added over the course of the next few weeks... Smile

And there is always Omnimaga...

Or if you want, You can just link to the script on my site, (Now not totally Kerms, I have been modding it... Smile) and I can give you access to add links and what not. Your call on that though...
It sounded like he was talking about his own random, non-TI links to me...
Good possibility, but I thought I would offer it anyways. Smile
Sure, why not, you might as well.
Hmm, I did a links thing a while back. http://www.calcgames.org/cgi-bin/linktest/links.cgi
There's link count stats and such, and a review/delete/pending, etc system visible for some users.
Thanks for the ideas, guys! I think I may just go with the manual alphabetical sorting...it's painful, but it's the best solution, I suppose.
TI-Freak8x and I have to do the same thing with his site, it is just seperated into nice pages on 20 links
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