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Well, I kinda messed things up for myself...

Just to see what it was like, I changed the forum profile to "Cemetech6m", but now I can't change it back. So this is how Cemetech now looks for me. Dozens of broken-linked images (including the "new topic" button, which took me a while to find), and a really messed-up format. I tried to go back to my preferences and change the forum back to Cemetech6, but it doesn't let me. I can get to my preferences all right, but when I click "Submit", it doesn't do anything Sad

EDIT: Don't actually vote if you can help it Razz
Easy enough to fix. Smile Merth, comicIDIOT, and I are working on the mobile theme, but as you can see it's nowhere near done yet.
That happens when we are curious Razz

Usually, the easy fix is to click Back in your browser until you reach the Profile page, then change settings from there. But it doesn't work too well if you closed the page and cannot re-open it anymore or if your browser is set to refresh pages when clicking back.

Going on Cemetech 5 and the like sure brought back ol' memories, though. I wish we could go on Cemetech 4 or whatever was used between Invisionfree and Cemetech 5, though Razz
Well, there was CemetechLite, but it you want to go back to the InvisionFree days, there was Cemetech3, the absurd gray mspainted theme. Very Happy
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