I have 3 bugs to report.


Effect: Unrecoverable error occurs (RAM clear)
Occurs: replicate by doing this:
Make a locked program in RAM with a DCS7 header and this code

If B:1024->A
If not(B:End
If B!=0 and B!=22 and......:Goto 0A
If B=22:Goto 2F
If A>=1024:Goto 0A

Run it with DCS7.2 and let the program exit with a Return command. Now exit to TI-OS and run the same program and press [ON] during the for( loop. Immediately after it displays "ERR:BREAK 1:Quit", the LCD enters test mode, the error message is glitched all over the screen, lines flicker and after about 5 seconds of this, it powers off and resets.

Sometimes [ON] breaking a program and quiting with HomeRun enabled, when you return to the home screen, button presses do nothing except for [2nd][OFF], and [ENTER]. [ENTER] will (most that I've seen) type "0" and then this bug is over. [2nd][Quit] also ends the bug.

Sometimes, after ungrouping programs, they still don't show up in Doors CS. I think it may be due to backing up folders and restoring them.
A weird bug that I have found. In one of my projects, copying a line from one program into another program will cause my calculator to crash. Other times, It will dump random stuff into the program that I am copying from, and upon saving the program after removing it, random stuff get drawn to the 2nd quarter of the screen from the left. when the random stuff gets to the bottom of the screen, the screen (as one would expect) freaks out for about five seconds, and resets the ram. Other times, my calculator will become unresponsive, forcing me to push the reset button on the back.
I found a bug having to do with using the "Stop" command in any program at any time in these circumstances:

xLib/celtic III/DCS libraries enabled AND Homerun enabled
OS 2.43
DCS7.3 running(Runer112 version)

When you run a BASIC program in the TI-stock prgm menu, the calculator will crash and ram clear once you hit "Stop" in any program.

This only applies with all the libraries above enabled, not an individual library.
This also does not occur when the BASIC program is run from the DCS7 menu.
Hello there.
There's a common bug with the ON key that i'm pretty sure all DCS users already experienced at least once.
When the key was just released, it's quite often interpreted as pressed right after.
I believe that's basically the result of a bouncing behaviour.
I quite recently performed some deep tests to identify the bouncing duration on TI-8X models (monochrome screen), and it appears it's actually pretty huge.
So, if you're looking for a basic (but safe) debouncing algorithm, here is the one i came up with after my tests :


;Waits long enough for released keys to stop bouncing.
;Recommended right after a key state just went from pressed to released.

;a = ?
;f = %???????0
;bc = $0000
;stack : 2 bytes (call included)


   ld bc,102
   in a,($02)

   jr nc,keybdebounce_wait

   in a,($20)

   or a
   jr z,keybdebounce_wait

   ld c,255


   ld a,(bc)

   djnz keybdebounce_wait

   dec c
   jp nz,keybdebounce_wait


EDIT : interrupts assumed to be disabled
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