Can SAX be changed to not say "<person> has entered the room" when using c6m?
souvik1997 wrote:
Can SAX be changed to not say "<person> has entered the room" when using c6m?
Yes, that's in the plans. Smile I was thinking more along the lines of "<person> has entered the room on a mobile device" so that people would know they're probably not on SAX.
I was thinking more along the lines of "user has logged in" then when they open popout sax, the message "user has entered the room" is displayed.

Wouldn't be too hard, just change the forum and sax to send alerts independently. If a user connects using any theme without sax, they wouldn't "enter the room"
Could c6m omit Youtube videos in posts?
@ comic, that could be done. Cf. other C6m topic about tomorrow's trial by fire.

souvik1997 wrote:
Could c6m omit Youtube videos in posts?
Not easily. What happens?
The videos just take up a lot of screen space, which could be used for something else.
If YouTube video objects have a class, I can add display:none; to the CSS, won't stop the videos from loading, if at all.

I'm still at work so I'll check when I get home.

UPDATE: The BBCode template for C6M to include classes for images and youtube links. Images are now no wider than your browser width (max-width) and embedded youtube videos are hidden via CSS; confirmed working on iOS.

KermM: I had the chance to test the "This Weeks Post" not working report (submitted by you, I believe) and it works well for me on C6M via iOS. Let me know if it still doesn't work (no changes have been made.)

Links only viewed while logged in are now one size larger. Does this fix any issues the requester had? I also mixed around the links. Logout is now at the bottom of the list and not lost among the links; It's on a separate line.
With the updates above, C6M is nearing completetion. However, I feel there's still a small lack of bug reporting. It's a catch-22 for me though, is C6M being used and if so, are there really no bugs or things left out to note of?

Kerm is finding some things and point them out to me but they can't be implemented until he creates some variables. Unrelatedly, I've left some features out to promote testing and maybe I "forgot" to take some out? So please, test page after page in every device orientation you can. I've got a few "anonymous" bugs I'm working out but nothing that will stop me from saying C6M is complete.

Once I skin everything that warrants skinning, I'll label C6M as complete. Hopefully end of March? A few weeks after that, I'll start cleaning up the CSS & HTML so I don't use any ladders and things look right in PIE and Kerm's phone. I'm already seeing a lot of redundancy in the CSS so it should be fairly easy, but I want to do it after I've finished C6M so I can back it up in case I bomb-up like last time.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to post a list of everything that still needs doing (mostly on Kerm's end) with photos so it's clear what needs to be done, where and what it is exactly. Since, theres been some miscommunication in variable creation so far P:

Actually, I'll start now and carry images over that haven't been addressed yet. Though I think this is in the works, I'm not sure.

Archives: The Title and description for programs still need the appropriate variables. Currently, the variables used, DESCHTML contains both the title and the description, I need one for both like so.

UPDATE, +40mins: The link colouration error at the bottom of the screen shot below has been fixed. I just saw it and tracked it down.
Can we fix the CSS ladders next? Black text on dark maroon background and blue links on a dark maroon background, viewed on an active LCD in sunlight, is not fun. Smile
Fa sho. I'll hop on that. Back-up what I have and start it.

Won't get started until tomorrow, technically seven hours between shifts this weekend Sad
Oh my, that sounds horribly grueling. I am far too exhausted from my day to do anything productive before I go to sleep tonight, but first thing tomorrow I'll deal with the variables, and see if I can track down the issues with the multiple room-enterings.
Haha, yeah. Legally I'm suppose to have eight hours between shifts. And, technically I do. Just, literally I have seven due to daylight savings springing forward.
comicIDIOT wrote:
Haha, yeah. Legally I'm suppose to have eight hours between shifts. And, technically I do. Just, literally I have seven due to daylight savings springing forward.
Oooh, thanks for reminding me; that's the third time I've been reminded today, and I'm sure I'll still manage to forget once again. Luckily my phone and computers and servers remember to deal with it regardless.
I still get code boxes that are broken here

(loving Mobile Cemetech Very Happy)
Just pulled it up on the droid and I cant reproduce it care to screenshot?

Also, the links to go to different pages are very small; could they be made a little bigger?
I've documented that same error on that same page earlier. You'll notice it's a long string with no breaks/spaces; I need a clever way to break those.

Ah that was you who requested that. I made them one font size larger a day or so ago. I'll increase the size by one again and start the re-structuring of the HTML and CSS.

I'll do that in about two, three hours time. I'll be off work by then.
How about using overflow=scroll ? I think that that would solve the issue nicely. I think that text in quote and code boxes might still be centered on my phone; I'll double-check.
That didn't help any. And, I wouldn't be surprised if it still centred, I haven't begun the restructuring Smile

As of March 13, 2011 Cemetech6 Mobile is undergoing restructuring of the HTML & CSS. This process will eliminate CSS ladders and daisy chains; both are illustrated below.

#parent div.content .forum table.subforum,, table.newlinks, .posting, .copyright, .user-profile  {
   border:   #7b291b solid 1px;
   background-color: #ccc!important;

There is no ETA that will state when this will be finished. But during this time, expect bugs and mis-styles. I'll keep the old CSS along side the new CSS until everything is done. Though, just be warned Smile
Looks horrible! Nice job. Wink In all serious, thanks very much for doing this; I know I'm in a very small minority that it doesn't work for.
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