Fast Circle Routine for BASIC Progs:
Sweet. Smile Just run the program everytime before you draw a circle, right?

You are gonna hate me. I was really sure to access an asm prog on the 83 you type 'Send(9prgmNAME' right?

It keeps giving me an error syntax

Did you make the games to where it doesn't require dcs to operate?
Yeah yeah yeah. Make sure you send the .83p to your 83 "Smile
Not a newbie here... Confused
Smile Just teasing you. Lemme double-check it.
I know...

My response will kinda be slow, as I am downloading some stuff and my laptop doesn't really like it...
Weird...I got the same thing... Confused
I don't know. It seems to work fine on the 83+, just not on the 83... Maybe something isn't right in the source?
I probably just miscompiled it.

hey Kerm, can i have teh ASM routine for the fast-circ?
It's setting a single flag. Smile

   set 4,(iy+60)
Question what does this flag do?
When its set, the TIOS will draw circles starting at four points instead of one making for faster but often messier circles. It can be quite useful for games. Correct me if I'm wrong Kerm but that would be:



If you want to just type it in and avoid having Kerm send you it Smile
I think he wants it in the SDCC. That is indeed correct hex though.
Now if you can get it to work on the 83... Smile


Ok, I will see if that works, hang on...

Edit: didn't work, still goes slow...
Please back up your RAM first though... Smile
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