Caleb, which of those did you attempt to install my hard drive in?

I just have a small handful:
1 Windows XP + Ubuntu 12.xx, my strongest computer
1 Windows XP + Hiren (USB boot applied directly to hard drive) on a non-working laptop
1 Mac of generic origins (i.e. I don't know much about it)
Yeah I think AngelStorm, you, and others actually might use all your computers (or "have a use" for them). I have more than I could ever use...

I attempted to install the hard drive in the one running Windows 95 - it's a 1996 HP Omnibook 5700CTX:

But I think it either refused to boot when the HDD was in, or refused to load the installer. I tried to install from CD, which support for was spotty back then - using a floppy disk might have worked better.

Also, I documented my entire collection in my Computer Gallery on my website.
that is a sexy laptop you got there, Caleb!

As for it refusing to boot, I suggest you install something on the hard disk first - you did try that, right? I'm fairly sure that disk was completely clean.
Here's my work compy's desktop. I'll have to post my other ones soon
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