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Updated link to a more decent one.

Also I released a song I was working on in late 2009, as some sort of sequel to Unknown Truth from the Forbidden Lands. I didn't work on it for a year but I just retouched it now. It's called "Return from the Forbidden lands". It's shorter than my other recent songs, but it was intentional due to the style. I was kinda inspired from some old Stepmania simfiles Japanese songs when I worked on it.

Anyway here are links to the song: 128K 320K
The early phrases feel like happy hardcore to me; overall I like the song a lot. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, I'm glad to hear. On a side note, it seems Rcfreak0 is a big fan of New Beginning, which kinda surprised me since the song is my 2nd ever and it uses premade loops used many times in other songs made with the software before. Shock

That said, some of the pre-made stuff sometimes sound good when mixed with the right stuff. Someone made a remix of Dirty Talk and added plenty of the pre-made loops in it, and he managed to turn the song into something that sounds like good ol' '90s Eurodance. I'm not sure if I can link to it here, though, since it's not on Youtube and the MP3 contains copyrighted material.
Aww, sorry to hear that you can't share that one.

Song title: La Porte du Soleil (The Gate of the Sun)
Images: September 2000-February 2001
Song idea: September 2000
Song production began: June 15th 2011
Finished: June 17th 2011 (took 7 hours)

Very nice, and clearly a lot of work, considering how long the song is! What genre would you say that that is?
I made a song once. It mostly discusses how much censorship is on this forum.
allynfolksjr wrote:
I made a song once. It mostly discusses how much censorship is on this forum.

I'd ask to hear it, but we'd probably have to censor it anyway.
elfprince13 wrote:
allynfolksjr wrote:
I made a song once. It mostly discusses how much censorship is on this forum.

I'd ask to hear it, but we'd probably have to censor it anyway.
Yeah, I'm sure it would be something that would deserve crippling Nikky's freedom of speech.

DJ_O, is this part of a planned album, to add to my previous genre question, or was it just a one-off song that you were inspired to write?
That reminds me, I had a mp3 of a TI-BASIC program converted to speech a few years ago. It would have been weird to make a rap song with it. Shock

And Kerm not yet. I kinda stopped making albums after 2008, because I slacked down in music production after the TIMGUL drama and at the same time my music genre started to vary too much from a song to another to all fit on the same album.

The song was from inspiration I got a decade ago, but to create it in music form, I used modified piano rolls from Quest for the Legendary Axe (the song I used for my Axe Parser tribute video).

EDIT: An idea I have could be to put songs like Super Star Hero, Frozen Danger and my two metal-ish songs together on one album, since the genres would fit pretty well for video game stuff, but some of the songs are quite short.
Not bad, very upbeat. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks. Smile Now I need to finish that one other song I was working on that is still unnamed, along with a cover of Journey Through the Moon Dark Side.

EDIT: Because I dropped my old 1and1 webspace some time ago, the link in the first post was no longer working and my songs were no longer available for download in one single place anywhere else that doesn't require an account.

Now the songs are still not available for download in one single page, but Juju has updated the Omni/57o9 radio so we can now listen to the songs we want there too, although it is still possible to listen to the stream as well.

I am not sure if it is cross-browser compatible yet, but I am editing the first post of this topic to add the updated links.
DJ is your stuff on itunes?
Not yet. I'M unsure if I want to put it there, though, because I heard you need to pay to sell it there, so if your stuff don't sell well enough, you actually lose money. Cafepress is a no-go either, because almost all my songs won't even get accepted, despite being in the file format they allow.

What I got suggested was Bandcamp. I would rather just start uploading some stuff first, though, because uploading about 100 files and filling each form is a very tedious task.
Yeah I heard Bandcamp is kinda nice for selling songs.
I felt I needed to update my 2008 cover of a certain 1987 pop song to my today's style.

It would probably fit well in a fast-paced action-RPG. Razz
In June 2002, I started producing electronic dance music, which ranged between eurodance and happy hardcore in style. I continued producing such music in 2003 and Early 2004, then from late 2006 to late 2009. In the process I released several albums, all available for free as individual songs on the two websites I used to run myself (although it requires an account). Those albums, excluding any DJ mix I did, were Omnidance 1 and 2 from 2003, Epic Journey Through the Galaxy, Journey Through The Moon Dark Side, Enter the Dream World and Angel in the Stars from 2007 and finally It's the End of Time and Destiny Knight from 2008.

However, after making other songs afterward, I decided to switch to another style in May 2010: Electronic Power Metal. I switched because I was inspired by video game music from Japan, along with some metal remixes and covers of that music, and power metal gave me more inspiration to make melodies than club and rave music did.

The following is my first ever album of that style: Tales of the Knight of the Moon (TotKotM). This is also the first ever music album that I am putting for sale, the 8 previous ones having always been available for free, along with the rest of my 128K songs. The price is $4.99 for the entire album and $0.79 per song. You can click on the album pic or the song names in the second image to go to them:

It is greatly inspired from artists and bands such as Saitama Saisyu Heiki, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Dragonforce, Gamma Ray and many others. However, it is not exactly true power metal like those artists, because the entire album was created using a music sequencer rather than played with real guitar, keyboards and drums, in the same way most dance and rave music is created. Also there are no lyrics, so while listening to the album, you might feel like if this music came from some random japanese RPG or something.

As for the songs on the album, here is the story behind some of them:

-Tales of the Knight of the Moon:
This is obviously the song after which the album is titled and the first song on the album. Recorded in 2011, this song is an electronic power metal re-arrange of my experimental dance-rock song called Moon Knight, which was released in 2003 and is available here. You will recognize the chorus and solo.

-The Lunar Warrior:
Based greatly on my song La Porte du Soleil (see below), and the intro seems to remind people of Dragonforce.

-Metal of Time
I had this idea over half a year before starting to make the song and the goal was to use inspiration from Ys music, but make the song sound like it was recorded in the early '90s.

-The Game That We Lost
Inspired from Sonata Arctica faster songs a lot, the title of this tune is in reference to an old internet meme.

-Ride Through the 4th Dimension
Remix of my 2008 song called Frozen Danger, which was going to be used in a now-defunct RPG Maker project called Superstar Hero. The song has some '80s feel into it, although the remake has guitar sounds and is of course longer.

-La Porte du Soleil
This song is special in some ways: I got the idea in my head back in Late 2000, when I was drawing a comic-based dice-pen RPG of the same name as the song. I imagined what could be the theme song if that D&D-style game comic ever made it into a video game format. However, back then I did not have any software to compose music, and with the years I forgot about the song. In 2011, I started having memories of the idea again, after checking back my old comic books again, and eventually decided to make the song. The difference, however, is that now it's kinda like power metal rather than my original '80s style idea. However, the entire melody until the keyboard solo starts has been in my head for a decade. If you watch the video, it goes through various images from the original 2000-01 comic I made.

Speed metal cover of my early 2007 happy hardcore song called Journey Through the Moon Dark Side. The song is named after the final boss in The Reign of Legends 3, RPG released in 2004 for the TI-84 Plus calculators.

-The Land of Hopelessness
The longest song on the album, inspired from some late '90s Gamma Ray and Stratovarius stuff. This song holds the distinction of being my first post-2004 song to have been showcased to someone in real life prior being showcased online.

-Quest For the Legendary Axe
The unnoficial Axe Parser's theme song. This is the only song on the album that was recorded in 2010 instead of 2011. Inspiration was gotten from Nightwish and Stratovarius, but the sound ended up being more towards Gamma Ray's heavy metal style, at times.

-The Warrior Says Goodbye
This song was made right after I lost a great friendship (although it has been fixed ever since) and was going to be my last song. However it finally became the last song of not necessarily my last album. It's greatly inspired from some Gamma Ray and Stratovarius stuff from the late '90s.

-Merry Metal Time (Bonus track only available from December 15th to 31st 2011)
This limited edition song is a Christmas rendition of Metal of Time (see above). It will be included as extra track on TotKotM until New Year 2012.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. You can either buy the HQ WAV/MP3/FLAC version of the album or listen to it on Bandcamp!

In the future, I might release albums of my old stuff for the same $4.99 price, but unfortunately I do not have 320K/WAV versions of all my old stuff, so there would be no sound quality advantage to gain from buying the albums, other than just a simple donation. Also I have no plan to remove my older songs from Omnimaga and TIMGUL if I sell them, unlike TotKotM songs.
New song, sort of Very Happy

It's pretty much a slightly altered version of my 2008 song Trancimaga, turned into happy hardcore, although more in UK style than the German style from the 2009 version.

This was made while my computer was broken by the way. I <3 my Playstation 2.

Besides that song I started working on something else too, although I do not have any other ideas right now:

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention TotKotM is on iTunes/Amazon/Rhapsody/E-music and more. However they won't let me fix prices myself and on some stores so it's like double the price of my Bandcamp one. X.x
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