This is a very old video which inspired a few artists on YouTube music-wise, but more importantly it showcases the first 22 minutes of the process of creating a new track. Nowadays I am much faster and also perform a number of sample editing's, but the process is still quite similar.

The software is called MTV Music Generator in North America and Music 2000 elsewhere and runs on both Playstation 1 (version shown in the video) and PC (the unofficial version runs on Windows 10 and 11). I prefer the PSOne version because the reverb sound quality is superior and this is the one I grew up with for a while.

There are other softwares in the series such as the infamous MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix, but I'd say that on the Discord server about 95% of the users are or were primarily MTVMG1/M2K PSOne users switched to emulation (DuckStation allows exporting wav audio and there's an unofficial build that exports each sound channel separately). Before using DuckStation I used ePSXe, like in the above video, and it was far from ideal because minor slowdowns could happen while recording with Audacity.

Anyway the track in the video was never used but if you search for MTVMG/Music 2000 videos on YouTube then you might eventually run into one or two tracks from other people that use the same melody.
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