I'm not sure anyone else is experiencing this, as I haven't seen any similar complaints. Nevertheless, there's this extremely aggravating issue with the goto feature that's screwing up my experience with Doors CS.

Once it brings me to a line far enough down one of my programs (11000+ bytes), it seems to delete a whole bunch of lines above it.
Once I run the program, it's like those deleted lines never existed.

Asking if anyone else has experienced this and if there will be a solution down the road. Thanks!
If you don't mind, could you upload the program somewhere? That is a very weird bug, and I would assume it's something to do with TI not giving DCS enough info and causing it to crash, or having to do with some weird symbols (v, u, w, expr(), etc). What version of DCS? I assume it is the most recent (7.1). Also, what calculator? TI 83+/SE, or TI 84+/SE?
The OS version number would also be very important information.
I've experienced problems with some of my older programs that were over 15 KB.

I remember quite specifically, some lines would have seemingly randomly changed tokens, and I had to often rerun the program and be sure it goes through every line of code, to find any bugs that arose from this, or any syntax error.

However on the other hand, my issues only seemed to occur when I would either put programs in groups, or extract them from groups, so I'm not sure that this is the same problem or another one entirely.
Ah, I meant to add that/ in my edit, but forgot Razz Thanks Qwerty
Sorry, forgot to mention that stuff Razz
It's 7.1, on a ti84, OS 1.43
as long as we're talking about weird bugs in the program editor, i've encountered oddly modified tokens in my programs as well, although this only occurs when editing from the archive.
additionally, every now and then, upon exiting the editor, the file itself will simply disappear Razz (also when editing from archive)
i'm running 2.43 on an 84+SE
Are you all describing using Doors CS 7.1 for your editing with Instant Goto? None without Doors CS? Also, mrticalc, I will assume you meant 2.43 instead of 1.43. I was going to suggest a set of know failures in 2.53MP on TI's part that cause a related bug wherein sections of programs are copied; we suspect this is an archiving/unarchiving problem. Since you're not using 2.53MP, though, it's not likely to be a related problem.As _player1537 says, the program and steps to replicate the bug would be very helpful.
Yes sir, it's 2.43; that was a typo.

Sorry it took so long, ticalc.org took a while to post it.
The program has been uploaded: ALLIN1, in BASIC math suites.

To replicate:
Select Science on the Main Menu
Select Combustion from the next menu
From here on out, any On-Break will go straight to the correct part of the code, but delete many lines above that spot.
-I also notice it leaves behind a question mark.

It occurs in other parts of the code as well (esp. those lower down), but I chose this part because it's one of the furthest down.
OK, I will try this tomorrow morning; someone remind me if I forget, please? Also, mrticalc, perhaps you could also submit your program to the Cemetech archives? And have you Introduce[d] Yourself yet? Smile Cheers.
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