Seeing as there isn't an (open) forum for this yet, I'll post this here. Anyone who would like to teach a class may sign up here. I have already had one offer to teach and he is very qualified for that class. I don't know what this means, but they may go fast. By the way, unless anyone wants to teach 68k BASIC, all 68k classes have a teacher already. Teachers will be given updates as to what each will have to do and follow within the classes.

Note: This is the 500th topic on the (new) Cemetech forums. Cool
Sign me up for Advanced z80 BASIC, unless the requirements are ridiculous.
YaY! I call assistant to both z80 ASM classes, but I doubt I have time to be the full teacher
Here are the requirements:
kirb wrote:
Just to let everyone know some more details: The main 68k classes will be held at Nerdy Productions (see link below in my sig), the z80 ones here, and the Web Design/Graphics are going to be split between the two sites. There are IRC channels set up (where some actual teacher<->student conversation can be held at the discretion of the teacher). They are all on
Anyone who would like to be come a teacher for a class should ask for it at the respective forum. Curriculae (sp?) will be discussed on the respective forum in private forums. Signing up for a class can be done at either the IRC channels or the forums.

kirb wrote:
Even though, ultimately, how the classes are held are subject the me (68k) and Kerm (z80) and joint (Web Design), the I think that the teacher should know how to best handle the class and how to teach it. If it is going to be just a Q/A thing on the forums, that's okay, an all IRC (although some can't go there and will probably be discouraged) will also be allowed if all members of the class can get there. If the teacher wants to write up lessons, and then later write them out in as a large tutorial and have clarification on the forums/IRC, that'll also be good. Although classes are free, if you would like to make contributions, all will be welcome Smile . Kerm and I will write up class sign-up deadlines and rules for things later.

Also, the Intro to/Advanced z80 BASIC classes have been combined into one. I thought that Advanced would be how to use ASM libraries, but it'll just be simpler to combine them. Also, the teacher must prove himself/herself that they are good enough to teach the class. There are also tutoring spots open if you are familiar with, but aren't comfortable with, a lot of the information.
@Skilled enough... I completely agree. No point in the n00bs following n00bs. Smile
I'll assist with the z80 basic class if needed.
Hey kirb - got any nominees for the web programming yet?
No one asked for it yet.
K, so that needs to be settled, and I don't think anyone mentioned z80 BASIC?
Kuro wrote:
I'll assist with the z80 basic class if needed.

Someone has Smile .
Kuro wrote:
I'll assist with the z80 basic class if needed.
I can help in the z80 BASIC and Web Class, though my web is limited to HTML. Maybe Kuro and I can co-teach z80 BASIC
Hmm, I see. I wonder if Jon would be interested in helping with any of this...?
[quote=Jonathan Pezzino]Sign me up for Advanced z80 BASIC, unless the requirements are ridiculous.[/quote]
Someone is not paying attention...
@rivereye:Gladly, if no one wants to take on the whole thing
re your sig: Laughing you can't push 8bit registers. I would change it to ld af,Sweet Awsome on cliff push af, but that's just me.
we get the point
I think advanced z80 basic should be separated, and kill using Asm libs. That should be in hte beginners class. I mean ADVANCED z80 basic. stuff like Brix Builder, and pure Basic graphics engines. Anyway, Id like to teach that class
It was separated before, but since 68k BASIC wasn't split (by the time one gets to Advanced 68k BASIC, it's almost TIGCC anyway...there's not much more of a jump to go, so it's not really worth a whole class) and I had forgotten about the libs and such, I thought to put them together. I guess its up to Kerm to split it.
I personally despise using asm libs in BASIC programs, I think it causes all kinds of end-user confusion and issues that I want to avoid, hence me only using one when I've written it myself specifically for the purpose to be as optimized as possible.
Ive given up on using Asm libs. They are a hassle, and often conflict with each other or make the program unstable. The only really good Basic programs that use libs are Kevin's. Anyway, I think we need an advanced z80 basic class, separate from the beginners class, but I already said that....
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