(sorry for pic quality, i didn't bother enhancing them - heh, course these unaltered 200kb pics will probably load faster than the site surrounding them Laughing )

imagine, if you will, that you are driving this 93 jeep cherokee 4x4

you are on the highway heading to school, doing around 65mph

all of the sudden, a flat bed truck doing about 90mph side swipes you

This happened to me on the way to school this morning....i'm still shaken up about it (scary as hell). Amazingly, this is all the damage that i got:

the mirror did pop off, but since its break-away, i could just snap it back on. on the second pic, its just the scratches, not the dent (that was from prev owner)

the bastard driving the flat bed didn't even stop!!! he just kept swerving down the highway. fortunately, no one was beside me, or there could have been a nasty pile up on the highway, with me == dead.
Did you not try to call it in to the police??
Wow...I bet you he was drunk.
Oh wow, that's incredibly lucky, good think you're ok... Sad
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Did you not try to call it in to the police??

what good would it do? i'm not telling insurance, cause i'll have to pay for it anyway. I didn't get the guys plates cause it was dark, and by the time i straightened out, he was way off in the distance. The only thing i can say about it was that it was red, not exactly a great description

Wow...I bet you he was drunk.

i thought that too, cause he was swerving down the highway (i was centered in my lain, so he was way over when he hit me)
Gah, that really really sucks Sad
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