i finaly got the internet bak!!!! and its 4mbps and it is wicked sweet!!! we also got digital cable too, but only the classic channels:( no more hbo Sad
oh well, HBO is over rated I think.
free movies!!! theyre gone:(

any1 got diablo2?
Yay! Welcome back, Pat. BTW, you know that Omglolits is pulling out on your site, right?
u mean maddogg is pulling the hosting that im not using? i stopped usin it cuz he pisses me off
Ah, OK. Yeah, he does get annoying. Now I don't have to deal with him! Bwahaha.
patl411 wrote:
free movies!!! theyre gone:(

4mbs can get you tons of free movies Wink
HAhahaha bite my T3 line. Razz
how about having an interent in my bedroom, bite that Razz
Ok ok, no making fun of the deprived guy. Sad
just making a point, everyone has there advantages
Quite true. Like my mad 1337 comp skillz! Very Happy Just Joking
how about my fully networked house that hase a wired basement and 1st story and wireless everywhere?

i need to get a nice laptop and go down to 4th street (it is fully wifi, any where on the street, in and outside of the stores and restaurants) and use the t3 there Wink
Awesome - I need to get me some of that.
o and my own personal fast computer;)

Surprised OMG, that's true!!
KermMartian wrote:
Quite true. Like my mad 1337 comp skillz! Very Happy Just Joking

psh, you don't even run linux you n00b

mad calc skillz, however, are a diff story Wink
Heh, I'd have to agree there.

That 1+3+3=7 thing, I so called shottie on it.
Hahaha I PWNZR j00r calc skillz!
Seriously though, we all ahev some technology skills or we wouldn't be at this site. Smile
yeah, you need to at least play with Linux once, if not twice

Suse and Fedora Core 4 for me
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