How the body makes it happen. I don't know what it is; I wish it'd explain.
Hmm thats actually something I don't know but I have some free time so TO GOOGLE AWAY Razz

Also any one here know what night tremors are? They are a good example of why sleep paralysis is important!


Thats really all I can find to my knowledge it is one of those things that still need more research.
Wow, I had the weirdest lucid dream a few nights ago: I dreamed that I went to bed and had a dream. And in that dream I had a lucid dream that I was going to bed. And had a dream. For some reason I thought that was fun and decided to do it recursively, then got bored and went in the other direction (to wake up). Thought awoke completely, but then my mom came in and woke me up.

I haven't watched Inception in months! headache x.x

at least it was not a false awakening spree lol those stink xD
If you want a headache, see if you can decipher my train of thought in a dream I once (about six years ago) had: I was sitting on my bed looking at my calc. I wanted to do reality checks to see if it was a dream, but I was afraid to move because I also thought I was in bed asleep, and if sleep paralysis hadn't come on yet, I might also move my physical body and wake up. In other words, I thought I was still lying in bed awake with my eyes closed (not dreaming), even though I was aware of actually appearing to be sitting on my bed looking at my TI-89 and afraid to move because I “knew” I was dreaming and didn't want to wake myself up and ruin a lucid dream opportunity, even though I wanted to get up and do a reality check so I could find out whether this was a dream or not.

I think this is the kind of stuff that happens when your brain's logic circuits are inactive. This still holds the record as one of my most entertaining dreams ever, despite only lasting all of about 30 seconds. Laughing
Couldn't you reality check with the calc?
I actually did that initally, but I for some reason was afraid maybe I didn't do it “correctly” and wanted to try other ones to be absolutely sure.

The wacky thing about it all is that I was trying to find out whether I was dreaming even though on one level I already knew because I was afraid of waking my self up. I essentially thought I was awake and asleep at the same time!
Maybe we all are!
False lucid dreams Wahoo!

That actually made perfect sense to me.

A false lucid is where you go about acting like your lucid but your really not lucid. Does sound like it was a funny mental state to be in though. ^_^
Ok so A member on omnimaga asked my to Make a Binaural beat for him. So I did and I figure it might work for some others people as well so I though I would share them

These Beats are designed to bring about a sense of focus and attention.

This one has a rain/forest/thunderstorm track in the background

This one is the same one with the volumes slightly adjusted and NO rain sounds in the background

These two being binaural beats means that you need stereo headphones for them to work as they use some interesting properties on how the brain processes sounds to work. so stereo headphones only or you will just get a headache Wink

This one here is completely different I have issues falling asleep at night some nights or at all on my back so what this does is it slowly brings your mind down into a delta or sleep state of mind which makes it really easy to just pass out and sleep even when your uncomfortable.

Also this one is a Isochronic Pulse which means you do not need stereo headphones it will work with 1 ear bud or speakers


All of these were made using Gnaural and encoded to MP3 using Lame

One other thing no guarantees these will work at all for anyone they work for me but every one is different some people audio entrainment does not work on. just a heads up for people who try them and go LOLWUT!?!?!?
I used to sleepwalk a lot. Like, once for two weeks straight I would go to sleep in my bed, and end up on the couch downstairs in the morning. All this despite my door being locked. Razz

Oh, and your files are 404ing on my end.
Yeah i forgot to check the links when i posted Oops lol they are fixed now >.> <.<

and interesting at least you did not go far imagine waking up outside some where X.x
I had a dream I was in 10th grade a few weeks early, and I realized I was dreaming. I changed the class I was in from math to chem `-`

geek, I concur, false awakenings ftl
hehe yeah, I think it was a subconscious motion to make myself more comfortable. My room is very hot.
Math -> Chem ._.'

Please tell me you at least were doing a lab or something it in it Razz

but yay lucidity xD

Yeah that sounds like it would do it.
actually, no, all of a sudden everything in the chem lab was minecraft-ey which made me lose my lucidity.... it was weird.

Yeah that's the dream world for you

I had tetris effect dream the other day watched the movie sucker punch. Dream followed a lot of the plot from the movie. Unlucid though.
Bump because its been just shy of 2 years and well this topic is still awesome Very Happy

Tho I still can not lucid dream on a regular basis...working on it again tho Very Happy
The worst is when your dreams are so non-lucid that the actions and thoughts carry over into the real world.
From what i have read in this topic, i have a Lucid Dream about once per week. Half of the times its tertris effect, other half i am not so sure. Usually it comes after i do a meditation to get to sleep. Lying without moving, slowly "Shutting off" each section of my body. putting my feet to sleep, then my legs, arms, torso, until i am only a head. usually around this time i fall asleep and have a lucid dream. I am often able to move and interact, and have often hurt myself in real life in the process. Just a hint for some to try if you are interested.
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