PT_ wrote:
Bug report: incrementing a linked username to your own name doesn't decrement yourself.

Connecting Discussion:

I would like to add that people shouldn't abuse this, it makes it less fun for everyone.
So, I've noticed it may be a real hassle to meet a person on SAX if you're living in different time zones/have different time habits, and usually all you need is just a short message, for that a PM would already be overkill. In such cases I do use PMs, but it just seems unnecessary. What I suggest is an added DecBot3 command, something like "!message <user> <message>" that would store the given message, and the next time the user writes something in SAX, the message is dumped on them. I've seen this in various IRC channels and it is incredibly useful for the reasons stated above.

Alternatively, I may try to write something like this myself, but I'd need someone to run the Python bot on their machine, as I have nothing that would suit the needs (be online 24/7).

As PT_ just noticed, if I am to implement this myself, I'd need some sort of API to use !link, because there is the problem of a single user not being recognized because of a different nickname.
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