Very nice, merthsoft! I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone manages to break it in some unforseen way, but I'm hoping they won't. Smile
Yeah, we'll see. The file system is completely locked down, so I dont't think anyone can do anything too too crazy.
DecBot+ should only be half the point as DecBot++
comicIDIOT wrote:
DecBot+ should only be half the point as DecBot++
What about if someone calculates 3+2+1? Very Happy Does that mean that 3 and 2 both get a half-point? Very Happy
Alright, I added a DecBot chart that shows the top 50 people to the site:
Nice, Merth! I like that Vistasucks is on that list Very Happy
I'm right below a Sad
Alright, so I'm working on converting it all over to MySQL, and I need help with a query. I have two DBs, "scores" and "links". Basically, given a name, I want it's score. BUT, the score could be buried within a link. For example, I could have:
name1 => name2 => name3 = 100.
So if we want the score of name1, it's actually the score of name3, and it's 100. Any suggestions on how to do this?
You could have a separate table for links and for names that are getting linked to. Then, for each link, you could have and entry that points to its corresponding row in the other table containing the names that aren't links.
I don't follow.
You could have one table that looks like this:


Name2           | Name1
Name3           | Name2
Name4           | ADifferentName1
ADifferentName2 | ADifferentName1

and another table, which contains names and scores, like this:


Name1           | 23
ADifferentName1 | 47

So here, Name3 => Name2 => Name1, and ADifferentName2 and Name4 both link to ADifferentName1. The second table contains scores for names that aren't links to other names.
That's what I have, but this is what I started realizing in IRC:
<Merth> Hmm, now that I think about it, I think all the links are terminal.
<Merth> I think there's maybe two instances of name1=>name2=>name3=100
<Merth> The it works now, if you link name4=>name1 in the example, it's added in as name4=>name3
<Merth> I just need to find the ones that aren't terminal, and link them correctly.

Which is better, anyway. There's no need to store the whole chain.
So perhaps this query would tell you what links are non-terminal?

select link from links where target not in (select name from scores)
Awesome, thanks. I'll try that out later, and let you know!

This is what it tells me:

mysql> select * from links where link not in (select name from scores);
| Name     | Link    |
| taw      | zippy   |
| dj       | dj_o    |
| fishybot | fishbot |
| tifreak_ | tifreak |
| tifq     | tifreak |
5 rows in set (0.10 sec)
The issue with that method of storing links is that what if tifreak is linked to tifreakware, you'd either have to update the entire links table or if you just recursively check untill name==link. though from the sounds of it updating all the links would be the better way to do it, increased db load once is better than doing all those queries every single time.
Yeah, it would be easy enough to change all the final links, I just need to be smart enough to remember to do that! I think that's exactly what happened with these ones, and my code right now just doesn't care.
With this, I never really have to traverse the graph, just all-in-all less stuff happens to get where I need to get.
Here's my list-of-things-to-do:

    - Fix those links.
    - Get karma checking working.
    - Get incrementing karma working.
    - Get linking up (including updating links in the scenario Jonimus mentions above).
    - Get using the database.

I think that's everything...
Alright, I got the first three things on that list done, and linking is almost done. DecBot2 should be up tomorrow, and the page tomorrow or Sunday.
Very nice work there merth, I've been seeing you testing in the test channel and its been fun to see it progress.
DecBot2 is now live in #cemetech, and DecBot is retired Smile. Next is the site. I'll keep an eye on him, in case there are bugs. Please let me know ASAP if he does anything dumb.

I forgot "!top"! Sorry...

Ok, it's in there now... NOW on the to site.
Will DecBot2 take the name DecBot or will it keep the two for successor reasons (and to avoid confusion)?

Very exciting nonetheless.
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