What is the best completed project of 2018?
 6%  [ 2 ]
TI-84 into 3G mobile phone
 6%  [ 2 ]
 3%  [ 1 ]
Advanced Brightness Utility
 0%  [ 0 ]
 6%  [ 2 ]
 54%  [ 17 ]
BasicNote CE
 0%  [ 0 ]
Attack of the Snails
 6%  [ 2 ]
Bartop arcade machine using Raspberry Pi tutorial
 0%  [ 0 ]
Gateway to Legend
 0%  [ 0 ]
TI84+CE USB interfacing
 9%  [ 3 ]
Grammer 2
 3%  [ 1 ]
Majong CE
 3%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 31

It has been 4 months since 2018 passed, and it's finally time to vote for the best program of the year. There were many, many incredible projects made during 2018. Over the course of the the last year, Cemetech members voted on their favorite Projects of the Month in twelve polls, sending the best programs of the year to this Projects of the Year poll. Here are the entries:
  • Project of the Month, January: FlowCE [C for TI-84+ CE]: jonbush completed his impressive port of the popular mobile game Flow. It is a fully-featured replica, including many levels! The thread is absolutely loaded with screenshots and includes a download, so go check it out.
  • Project of the Month, February: Turned Ti84 calculator into 3G mobile phone: After being prodded to post by TheLastMillennial, BoomBrush described how he turned a TI-84 into a 3G mobile phone, which is no easy task. It's an impressive read, with a very cool video to boot. Go check it out, and perhaps it might inspire you to some calculator hardware hacking projects of your own!
  • Project of the Month, March: TheButton: _iPhoenix_'s latest web game, TheButton, was an intriguing social experiment with a button that users had to take control of. It had a cool leaderboard system and was very popular until it was shut down, check out the thread!
  • Project of the Month, April: Advanced Brightness Utility: TheLastMillennial wrote a simple utility that lets users change their screen brightness beyond what the TI-OS usually allows. A very cool utility, go check it out!
  • Project of the Month, May: Chip-84: ckosmic wrote a very cool Chip-8 interpreter for the TI-84+ CE. It has all the opcodes that chip-8 supports along with a very cool UI. Check it out!
  • Project of the Month, June: TI-Boy CE: calc84maniac worked incredibly hard and finished his remarkable Gameboy emulator for the CE. It can run most Gameboy (but not Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advanced, as of yet) games on a CE, which is really impressive. Go and take a look, if you haven't already!
  • Project of the Month, July: BasicNote CE: BasicNoteCE is a very impressive text editor for the TI-84+CE, written entirely in TI-Basic. It has many cool features, like text selection, word wrapping, and more. Check it out, it is very, very cool, and clearly shows the years that Michael spent creating this project!
  • Project of the Month, August: Two winners! Attack of the Snails and Arcade Bartop DIY tutorial powered by RetroPie & Rasperr:
    In the former, an assembly game by _iPhoenix_, you are chased by a never-ending onslaught of human-eating snails, but you gain points by having snails near you. The latter is a tutorial on how to make your own bartop arcade machine using a Raspberry Pi, by Cemetech newcomer Ryadel. Both projects are outstanding demonstrations of the authors' technical skills.
  • Project of the Month, September: Gateway to Legend: 123outerme made a really cool computer RPG! It features special abilities and really cool music. It's been a long time in the making, so go check it out.
  • Project of the Month, October: TI84+CE USB interfacing: jacobly worked on a very useful library that allows C and Assembly programs to interface with devices and flash drives over USB!
  • Projects of the Month, November: Grammer 2: Over nearly a decade, Xeda has worked really hard on her programming language for the monochrome calcs, called Grammer. She fixed multiple bugs and implemented a load of new features, so you should check it out (especially since it was recently featured on ticalc.org).
  • Project of the Month, December: Mahjong CE: commandblockguy wrote a very, very nice Mahjong Solitaire game for the TI-84+ CE! It has some very nice sprites, a timer, sweet user input, and impressive levels to boot. Go check out the gif and download in his thread.

And that's a wrap! What a fantastic lineup of projects for an equally fantastic year. After thoroughly checking out each of the entries, be sure to vote in the poll. The winning project will receive the esteemed designation of 2018 Project of the Year. Good luck to everyone!
Wow, I want to vote for all of these, they're all very impressive! In my opinion, the TI-84 calculator into 3G mobile phone, TI-Boy CE, and TI-84 Plus CE USB interfacing are my top three favorite projects, even over my own Advance Brightness Utility! (though is that much of a high bar? Razz)
Thanks for writing this _iPhoenix_! These are some really great projects, it's hard to pick which one I should vote for. I even proposed the idea earlier that we should all actually get 3 votes instead of just 1, but I don't think that idea would fly Razz I'm not gonna vote for my own, but hopefully somebody might consider it!
I also agree with Michael, that we should get more than one vote. I think it would be interesting to see the second and third place winners, too, which probably isn't very accurate with the current voting situation. Like, my entry probably isn't considered the #1 most impressive project by almost anyone, but (I'd like to image, anyway) probably considered second or third by several people. However, since each person only gets one vote, this cannot be accurately reflected.

I know that Archer's impossibility theorem proves there is no perfect way to do any kind of voting, but maybe we could try some system where we get multiple votes, which would make the second and third places more accurate.
USB Interfacing should be dedicated to jacobly. All I've done is break usb more. Please fix, thanks!
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