Laughing ^50

Kerm, that is SO You.
Did you note the subliminal "Vote for Kerm" and "The World's Most Incredible Genius?" Very Happy
What software are you using to make all these?
I r teh GIMP master.
good job, I may need you to make one of me
Thank you for bowing to my 1337 skillz. Smile
OMG @ Jpez - that looks like me!!
Maybe we're twins separated at birth.
Wait, that's not actually you, that's me, right? Confused
Kinda looks like me too, but I think its an optical illusion because its spinning.
KermMartian wrote:
Wait, that's not actually you, that's me, right? Confused

No that's me. Seriously. Neutral
I know it has been said by a few people, but it also look similar to me, wow
My theory is that I'm so good looking is that everyone subconciously projects their images of themselves on my picture.

My other theory is that we're all white kids with glasses.
I'm thinking its the second one Laughing
Lol I haven't found anyone here that looks like me. They broke the mold when they made me. Laughing

I wish I had the ability to do this, I have a few good ideas... :evilgrin:
@Jon: can you please post that without it spinning?
I'm probably the oddball out here then...Laughing

Wow, you got older since that pic on KyleCorp.. O_o
Laughing Yeah...this is like...2 years (3?) after that picture was taken. The one you see now is from around 3 months ago after one of my training sessions Evil or Very Mad
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