Yeah, you look like you're ready to beat someone down. Very Happy

See a resemblance? Very Happy

Surprised Weird, I do see a resemblance...
KermMartian wrote:
ROFL @ Jpez.
Bwahaha at elfprince13

You just got to love Lego CAMs Smile I should edit that. Oh well, here's one I should put my face on :

made him in LDraw and superimposed a calc over his shield
KermMartian wrote:
@Jon: can you please post that without it spinning?

I suppose.

I need to get my hands on my pimping pictures from this Saturday's party taken by my friend. look VERY much like me O_O
That's kind of scary. I'd post the super high resolution image as well, but I it would be kind of creepy if I let people scrutinize my face like that.
So which one of us is the evil twin? Very Happy
I got one coming... Smile
KermMartian wrote:
So which one of us is the evil twin? Very Happy

Probably me. How many illegal acts have you committed in your life?
Here you go, say what you will....

Edit: Let's see if anyone picks up something in the background Very Happy
I'm trying to tell what's on your comp screen, but I can't quite see... Sad
Here's a hint. I'm thinking of a number between 3 and 4, but I don't know it exactly Very Happy
Sure....It's the pi movie Smile 3.1415926535979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097594459
Hey, you know more digits than me! not fair... Sad
[post contents deleted as spam]
Impressive copy-pasting Jon. Very Happy
Wow I can't believe I do. I just know them to the tune of the song. And I know the entire first robot part. Seriously though, I need it quiet so I can sing the digits to myself to be able to get them. My goal is to get the first 100 down and that will be all I ever need Smile The reason I know so many is because I showed that song to a kid at school and bet him that I could memorize more by last friday Laughing Let's just say it wasn't even close Very Happy

Edit: Also I created this text document to aid me in learning the digits: Note the spaces represent slight pauses in the robots singing and the | represents the 1st and 2nd robots:

3 .1415 9265 3589 79323846 264338327 95028841 97169399 37510582 09749445 | 92307816 40628620 8998628034825342 11706798 21480865 13282306 64709384 46095505 82231725 35940812 84811174 50284102 70193852 11055596 44622948 9
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