What are some goals you have for 2023?

Here are some of mine:

* Be more welcoming and considerate/friendly to all
* Run at least a half marathon race [Ran half marathon in October at 1:44]
* Finish the USB libraries and documentation for the toolchain
* Work on getting my website hosted and running again [Website is hosted here]
* Get my pilot's license [Taking flight lessons currently]
* Try dating and see how that goes [Have a girlfriend now - and broke up]
* Make a video game for the computer/phone and publish it [Have an idea but need to code]

Hope you all have a wonderful 2023, and good luck on all your goals!
I'd like to do more things in general. So much of my time is spent thinking about what I'd like to do instead of actually sitting down and doing it.
I'm only thinking of these as I write this:
    * Finish some unattended projects (I'm looking at you TIGHT) (well, uh, tivars_lib_py happened, so finish that one)
    * Pass all my qualification exams
    * Figure out if I'm actually pursuing the future I want
    * Finish my current novel
    * Get at least another publication under my belt (potentially one on the way!)
    * Visit my friend in NYC It was fun!
    * Learn to properly cook (sorry BSA I have failed your teachings)
    * Date?

Thanks for making me think about it. Smile
2022 was a pretty hectic year at work for me, so I'd like to do some more things for myself in 2023 and restore the W/L balance a bit.

This obviously includes finishing some calc projects Very Happy.
2022 was great Smile
My ambition-related goals that I want to keep doing:

* Always find the lowest-resistance ways to continue pursuing my hobbies
* Minimize distractions in free-time (social media, games, etc) — keep it deliberate, not habitual
* Take ignorance as an opportunity to learn
* Improve at prototyping games in higher level game engines
* Improve at writing games with few abstraction layers
* Finish at least one game
* Dive into some more philosophical and abstract books, or just more realism type books. Reading some Jordan Peterson stuff atm.
* Finish making my website look badass.
* Get my UTR (Universal Tennis rating) up to a 7.5
* Look into medical programs for college and beyond
* Continue going to the gym and getting absolutely shredded.
* Continue to yeet my phone across the room when I find myself getting distracted. Might get a burner or something because it's getting out of hand.
* Get my driver's license and not crash.
* Pull some baddies. (attract members of the opposite gender)
* Get better at skiing.

Probably many I'm forgetting, but it's alright.

    - Finish second college semester
    - Finish CEdit2
    - Regain pre-college fitness
    - Get a life
Michael0x18 wrote:

    - Finish second college semester
    - Finish CEdit2
    - Regain pre-college fitness
    - Get a life

Getting a life seems to be the one I missed.
* Try to not fail out of my fourth consecutive college semester.
* Get a life
* Moar protos!
Edit: SUCCESS! Laughing
- Make more money / find another job I like
- Get healthier, more active, have more energy, get more steps in every day
- Work on my social life to some degree, by going out and about more
- Reduce stress
- Maybe visit Alaska

And of course, I hope to finish some of my programming projects Smile
- Finish my freshman year of college
- Finish some projects
- Build a 6 node cluster computer under my bed
- Finish a bunch of my old projects and prototypes
- Make friends (and keep ones I have now)
- Teach the guy who lives next to me and lurks on Cemetech how to program in C so we may gain another acolyte
- Get moar calculators
- Keep running schedule
- Stop being afraid of driving

Cool, now I have a list to mark off how many things I fail to finish!
I am looking forward to 2023.
- Finish any project I'm working on at the moment.
- Expand the calculator collection.
- Becoming more self confident in myself.
- Art wise, I want to become better at shading and lighting.
- Programming wise, become better at Python and C while also learning more.
- Keep the friends I made this year, sadly over the course of 2022, I lost some friends.
- Become more active in the Cemetech forums and not just the Discord server.
- Build my first website with either Flask or another framework.
- Become less annoying in general
Welp, I haven't done much this year because I'm always busy but here are my goals

- Finish my projects(maybe)
- Eat more often
- Stop being depressed
- Get my associate's degree
- Get a new computer
- Get a job at the place
- That's it.
Well, since we're doing a goal thing, I've got a few I guess:

- Finish and make more new projects
- Take things less seriously and try to be happier
- Take things more seriously that should be taken more seriously
- Focus some more on my physical well-being as well

Yes I know this is 2023 now for me in EST but who cares xD
Great topic, Mateo! Most of my goals are project- or hobby-related:
  • Spend more time on my projects/hobbies. In particular, I'd like to finish off Surget and make more progress on (finish v1.0 of?) a physical Train Sim controller I've been working on.
  • Make the time to practice guitar more regularly.
  • Physical well-being for me as well.
  • Continue to grow/progress my startup
No better place than here to hold myself accountable I guess haha. Here are a few of my goals for 2023:

* Finish and release Citadel and its source (formerly known as Slime Slayer). Kinda dropped the ball but I plan to dedicate more time to development.
* Finish my Bachelor's by the end of the year.
* Gain around 30 pounds (of muscle).
* Learn C/C++
* Get a summer internship.
* Cook more and spend less money ordering food.
My goal for the next decade is to find a Facebook to Mastodon cross-poster. Apparently it's harder to find one than learning how to make your own. It's also faster to learn how to make your own than waiting for Facebook page account to load.

My other goal for the next decade, which has extremely slim chance of being feasible, is to find a version of Image GPT AI completor that actually works, is not hidden behind a paywall, doesn't lead to a 404 not found or a "coming soon" page.
Here are some of my goals for future reference:

* finish projects I started but just left there after a couple of days
* learn C and perfect Python
* do well in school (get As and Bs)
* stop relying on other people's utilities and make my own so I can have what I want within the tool
Some things I'd like to do are:

- Write a QR code generator/decoder in ASM for the '83+ platform that actually does the reed-solomon EC
- Get some more A's on my college transcript (already doing well on that one)
- Finish a giant electronics project I've been putting off
- Get back in shape (ive been a couch potato)
- Maybe ask out this one girl I've been meaning to...

We'll see how much I actually get done :)
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