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KermMartian wrote:
Sadly, it's only in the last couple of days that spammers have started showing up again. I can only assume that there are people being paid pennies to manually register, since they're using gmail addresses and passing the one-of-a-kind captcha system.

you think we can have some sort of spam post database with screenshots of said spam posts? It would be pretty cool cause some spambots are interesting/funny Smile (of course pr0n spam posts would not go there)
It would be a waste of database space. Razz
This account is a spam account.
merthsoft wrote:
Account deactivated. Thanks for keeping your eyes open, Shaun. Smile
Another spam account.
User: Fire
Posted five posts to some site. Didn't check. Deleted them all. Wasn't a question or anything, looked like genuine spam.
Another bot:
I think we have a bot http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=142469#142469
Bots mentioned above all dealt with. Thanks, guys! Smile
madmax2069 wrote:

Hey, was that the spam about the netbook by any chance? Just curious...
Spam post: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=142983#142983
souvik1997 wrote:
I got the post, here's the profile for an admin:
All up to date on spambots. Thanks for the catches, gang.
Luckyfish seems to be a spam poster. Made two topics in rapid succession about netbooks with links in them. All the links were for the same website. I won't post it for obvious reasons, but if an Admin is interested in pursuing the site, I'll tell them Wink

Also, it looks like he hit up at least one other forum with at least one of the two posts.
Bot was banned
None of my topics are spam, are they?
No. Are you led to believe other wise?
We post here when bots post topics that are blatant spam, i.e. advertising. Some don't advertise anything but post questions that, when Googled, show hundreds of results with the same exact question. Word for word.
No. I was just making sure I wasn't one of the spammers.

I see. I'll look out for them, then.
we have a possible spambot, one bot hit 3 times.



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