OMG!! I need to try it again O_O
Just added:

:: Real Numbers
:: Complex Numbers

Coming soon:

:: Strings
:: Real Matrices
:: Complex Matrices
Check the front page of ticalc. YOUR FEATURED Kerm!!! Good Idea Good Idea Good Idea Smile
Whoa, nice Kerm!
This deserves a massive w00t!!!!
Man, look how many guests are on compared to usual! Surprised
Real matrices added.

Online Users
There are a total of 7 users online: 2 members and 5 guests.
Members: Jonathan Pezzino, KermMartian.
man, you may want to make some of sourcecoder member only or something. Maybe it is time to complile it into a program to be downloaded
Member only?! Nah, that wouldn't be nice.
OMG! It Isn't being flamed!! Smile Yay for Kerm!! Very Happy

Edit: LOL, I parsed the doors version for the 83, and it actually displayed the 'code' Very Happy
huh? Oh yeah, I've done that too. Smile

a mini picture viewer...its got a wierd bug (if another window overlaps it, the display disappears....oh well), and you can't zoom (or copy/save the image), but it works Laughing (i'd say its pretty good for a 20 minute job Cool )
TI-Graph Link can open pictures can't it?
I started a Java picture viewer a while back and then didn't finish it.
Hehe...I love how everyone is copying SourceCoder. Smile
There are a total of 12 users online: 3 members and 9 guests.
Members: Jonathan Pezzino, rivereye, z80boy.

That's some ridic traffic thur.
We must be approaching that max bandwidth from this new host. Very Happy
Lol yeah. Kerm might have to mirror it on some other site if this keeps up...
yep, you have to keep your members happy. Maybe it is a good thing that sourcecoder is not very graphical, at least the uploader, but the pics he use can't do much, think about it, I posted two pics here, they are on my site, and they haven't eaten up my bandwidth
Yeah, I have a ton of pics that link through my server, and havent used my max yet...

Oh, and posted on calcgames...

Andy is bein nice... Good Idea
KermMartian wrote:
Hehe...I love how everyone is copying SourceCoder. Smile

LIES! i wrote that one myself Laughing (i didn't do mine in hex, i read it bit-for-bit and drew it pixel by pixel)
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