KermMartian wrote:
I have been working hard on SourceCoder v2.0, the next generator of SourceCoder. Besides being able to parse and display every type of z80 file available, it will have full program editing, exporting, and optimization. This means you can automatically optimize your BASIC programs to Basic Elite specifications, as well as edit, save, and export as .8*p all from the web interface. I will be releasing a link for this as soon as I make some substantial progress. I have already written the recompiler, I am working on the file format for exporting, and optimizations are nearly done. The biggest hurdle to overcome is dynamic menus. Look for more news on this topic soon.
I amy be able to help with optimizations. For a benchmark, given one program (or set of) I go through and do optimizations while SC does it's thing. Then a comparison can be made. I would suggest these programs:
It did some fair shaving of those. Lemme try again after this latest update I'm doing.
Will this be downloadable? Question It would be cool if I could distribute it to friends to replace that stupid Program Editor and the Graph Link one! Smile
Chances are it shall not be, the average person does not have PHP installed on their comp. Besides, having it be online allows everyone to use upgrade immediately. Smile
Okay, seeing that I seem to have lost my SilverLink, I'll just try to find optimizations from what SC spits out.
Surprised No fair! Sad Bah, I hate losing hardware.


Old Logo / New Logo:

I see where you are coming from with the php Kerm, but there are times I like to work on BASIC and either can't get online, or don't have acess to cemetech (school). I have php on my machine (heck, I have a phpbb forum there)
I hear you as well, but I sincerely doubt I'm gonna publish it. Sorry! Smile
I could just save page as, I think that might work
Source Coder seems to be truly coming along! Congrats, KM!

Kerm now has the chance of making it truly great, if he accepts my proposition. He'll be able to add in thing like syntax highlighting, ASCII translation, everything optiBasic has.

What will he say? ::tum-dum-duuum::
Syntax highlighting: It's awesome, but I had initially decided against it because I thought it was a hair distracting.
ASCII: I abandoned images for unicode a while ago. Smile
Permalinks: what are those? I shall check...
Ahh, I didn't notice you changed over to unicode. Nice move, man!
I dunno, I think syntax highlighting looks cool, but I put in that option because some people don't.

Yeah, definitly think about it! While you're thinking, I'll conjure up an HTML page for ya (I'm not home right now, so I'll finish it by tonight).
I'll fix that show/hide bug where you can only show.
Ok, I think I got that myself, it should be "none":"block" instead of "":"block"
Also, saw the permalink thing - I made a temp hold area that saves it for 7 days so you can directlink without the char limit problem Smile
Okay, at first glance, I see a few problems with SC2 optimizations. First, it doesn't break up lines of code (ones broken by ':') to optimize. Second, it doesn't reorder expressions and such for optimizations. Those are just the first glance of its optimizations, but I will get deeper into the code a bit later.
I am finding that it cuts off that last couple of characters when I parse my files now Sad Also one time it mixed up the byte totals so that it said something like: From 7K to 14K. I think that's a bug...unless you have somehow found a way to inflate my code, while optomizing it Laughing Just Joking
KermMartian wrote:
Surprised No fair! Sad Bah, I hate losing hardware.


Old Logo / New Logo:

What a striking difference!
rivereye wrote:
I could just save page as, I think that might work

lol, sorry, that won't even come close to working. The reason is that PHP is SERVER side processed, meaning your comp will never have access to the PHP code itself (unless you can FTP into the directory), so all you see is the input html form, and the output - never what actually takes place

<rumor>maybe someone else is developing an offline TI-Basic file viewer modeled off SourceCoder2.0?</rumor>
ok, man, I want this so bad for offline edditing
Actually, it looks like all the features anyone might need are gonna end up being in the online SourceCoder for all to use. I'm thinking of MAYBE converting it to some kind of executable WHEN it's done. Ixnay on BeSC.
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