its big, 1360x1024
hint: don't use BMP format, its uncompressed and therefore very large...

If you don't want a lossy-compression, save it as a .png (jpeg would be best for internet posting, at quality 100, you'll lose some quality, but not a noticeable amount)

Nice desktop tho (i guess), but i'm not a big fan of the Aqua interface
I am not a fan of mac though, so I will thy to not flame them
i hate the way macs run but love the way they look. all i need is a mac screensaver and a mac sound scheme
looks nice! I love that toolbar proggie, I have it myself.
haha, I did something similar to that a while ago, I even had the Mac OS bootscreen.
im goin to get that. i still cant find the default mac screensaver or a 1360x1024 version of the default wallpaper or the mac sounds
Laughing Good for you - can't wait.
i now have mac sounds, from panther (i think)
mac pointers
mac wallpaper
mac screensaver and
overall mac look

new pic
Care to post links to all the stuff you used?
flyakiteosx**HAS TO BE INSTALLED 1st and CHANGES SYSTEM FILES has almost all the other progs u need

I noticed you switched to PNG, alot smaller, isn't it Wink (4mb vs 220kb, not much of a contest there Laughing )

so thats windows, eh? i figured it was actually a mac, lol

course, if you want it to be even MORE mac like, you'd switch to *nix Cool (OS X runs off of a UNIX architecture, although there are some design problems with the mini-kernal setup that they used when compared to a monolithic kernel like linux or BSD)
Hehe, I actually have seen that prog in action before, it's pretty 1337.
Have you heard about how much faster the x86 version of OSX runs on PCs?
Why, is there a public beta already?!
No, those were just initial tests.
KermMartian wrote:
Why, is there a public beta already?!

there WON'T be a public beta Laughing (developers are the only ppl to get the "unlocked" version, only other x86 version will come with mac hardware and will be "locked" to that hardware)

Course, that don't stop a'ers Wink
Ah, ok.
will the x86 version be able to run on regular processors?(like an amd athlon xp 2800+) cuz that would b the scheiße, but ofc course i heard no power pc progs would work on it anyway, but i would make a mac video editor if i could use it with reg cpu. any1 kno where i can find a legit article from apple on it?
x86 is your standard processir, just to clarify. It may or may not, Apple may use extra hardware that is required that they won't sell for their computers to run
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