I've had people ask me for games, so I sent them the games along with MirageOs. When they run Mirage, the screen goes crazy. It tilts, literally.
So it looks like this if they try to play driven:
normal (I had to use * as spaces, the spaces dissappeared)
*******/ C****C**/ *
******/ ***C***C/**
*****/ **C***C*/***
The cars are moving from top right to bottom left instead of from right to left.Mario sometimes freezes part of the screen. (right half of screen becomes static while rest updates normally) No basic programs seem to have problems and some asm text draw functions work fine (homescreen type text is fine, but not graph screen style)

Mirage Os itself becomes severely unreadable. I will try to get some pictures with a digital camera. This only seems to happen with calculators bought this year/last year (2005-2006). (I've only seen 2 or 3 so far, but they've all been new ones.) I've tried resending Mirage and resending TI-Os, but nothing helps, strangely these calculators all mess up to a diferent degree than each other. (one is terible, the other is illegible in mirage)

Has anyone else had these problems?
That sounds like the LCD Driver problem that a lot of other people in the world are experiencing...
This is a known issue with the hardware display driver. TI=sux. Doors CS v5.4 contains a so-called "safe" driver that should work even on calcs with this condition.
there is a file on ticalc.org on a fix if it is not an 83+ BE

(and rivereye means Basic Edition, not Blue Edition. Smile )
The only calculators that people have been having problems with are 83 + (no SEs)

KermMartian wrote:
Doors CS v5.4 contains a so-called "safe" driver that should work even on calcs with this condition.

How is DCS progressing? I know quite a few people who would use it insead of mirage.
I need to find one more bug before I can release 5.4, then proceed to apping and DCS 6. You can find history, bug reports, feature requests, etc at http://doorscs.cemetech.net .
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