KermMartian wrote:
comicIDIOT and Keith, wooo, thanks for the awesome cake! I will enjoy its sweet lie icing.
Keith, that was a sick rap, I very much enjoyed it and its sentiments. Very Happy

Glad you enjoy both. Very Happy Razz
Happy Birthday!! Enjoy it while you can Smile
ParkerR wrote:
Happy Birthday!! Enjoy it while you can Smile
Thanks, I shall certainly try. Smile And hehe, Tsukasa.
KermM, yep, you are free to take payment and work for who ever you want Very Happy

/me gives KermM a sweater too
A Raylin appeared!
Raylin used Birthday Wishes!
Qazz42, haha, thanks. Raylin, it's super effective!

Output(1,1,"Happy Birthday"
While 1
ACagliano wrote:

Output(1,1,"Happy Birthday"
While 1
Hehe, an unbreakable birthday wish! Very nice, thanks. Smile

.org $9D93
.db $6DBB
    ld hl,0
    ld (curRow),hl
    ld hl,txt
.db "Happy birthday! >:D",0
If you interpret "happybirthdaykerm" as a base-36 number, convert it to hexadecimal, split the digits into groups of six (discarding the last four), and use them as color codes, you get... ...I dunno, ponies?

Oh well. Happy birthday, Kerm! Razz
Congratulations KermM!
Hahaha, thanks Weregoose, I like that. Laughing You could always use obnoxious rainbow birthday text!

Edit: Thanks very much, Scout! Smile
Hey happy birthday Kerm! I hope you had fun today. Very Happy
Well now it's your birthday. Happy birthday!


echo 'Happy Birthday!!';


while 1
disp "happy b-day!!!!"


public class KermsBDay{
public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println("Happy Birthday Kerm!");

I say happy B-Day to the Kermy!
My Prizm has something to say:

Oh wow, that's awesome, Qwerty.55! Rhombus, so many languages! Thanks! Deep Thought, thanks! DJ_O, very much. I had lunch at a fancy French restaurant called L'Ecole with my mother, we shared ice cream, watch Firefly, and I worked on Direct USB while she looked up stuff on the internet on my other computer, then we went to see Mamma Mia on Broadway. Got tons of cast autographs afterwards too!
And because Kerm likes Python:


i = 0
while i == 0:
    print "Happy Birthday Kerm"

Ouch, it was yesterday.
Close enough, Scout, I still appreciate the sentiment. Smile Thanks again.
Happy Birthday Kerm!
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