Happy Birthday Kerm, this was an amazing year for me so far, and I hope it was for you too!
Happy Birthday!
Thank you for the kind wishes, everyone! It was indeed a pleasant and relaxing day, and I actually got away from my computer to celebrate for a decent chunk of the day.
  • Alvajoy: I celebrated and spent quality IRL time with family and friends.
  • Wavejumper and Invalid_Jake: I love to see everything that Cemetechians create and how many of our community have grown from calculator and hobbyist hackers and students to professional engineers, computer scientists, and just generally chill, smart people! I intend to continue spending what time I can supporting the community for as long as I'm able. (And thanks for the gift, wavejumper!)
  • TIny_Hacker: I'll do my best to make a bunch of it interesting projects that I can share here!
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