2101 year fight started. Captain: Just how it did, word you bore! Engineer: No person it seems that it could set up the explosive according to. Communication operator: Captain! Communication entered! Captain: No っ! Communication operator: Vision comes to the main screen. Captain: As for っ you! CATS: Don't you think? busily so is, the ladies and gentlemen. CATS: With the cooperation of the Federal Government troop, all CATS received your base. CATS: Also your warship, gradually probably is end. Captain: っ foolish っ * & *! CATS: You appreciate in your cooperation. CATS: Before * & & * making the life which at the very most remains and is little, important. CATS: ハッハッハッハッハッ * & * communication operator: Captain * & *. Captain: In ZIG all machine takeoff order! Captain: Already, only you entrust to them, * *. Captain: Our future desire * & * captain: It is the む. ZIG!
Huh? Confused
I thought the same thing
That's Google Translate's rendition of the infamous All Your Base Are Belong to Us from the original Japanese.
rivereye wrote:
I thought the same thing

At least I am not alone... Very Happy
I <3 ayb.
I've been listening to/watching that nonstop for the past several days. Smile
Sigh...Has it overtaken Abduction?
Ohhhh! Thanks for reminding me!! Very Happy
We need a Cemetech Internet radio station. Laughing

EDIT: A podcast, perhaps?
walking down the halls listening to what Kerm has to say, sweet
I don't think streaming radio is too difficult to set up, let me do some research.
It's not difficult, just expensive. Sad
It's free. Rolling Eyes
link link link
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