I didn't want to hijack Cemetech lab's Kerm calculator collection thread, but I couldn't find any other topic here where we can brag about our calculators collection so I thought I would create one here.

So how many calcs do you all have? Does the typical long-time calculator programmer have dozens of them or even 3-4 of the same model?

Anyway, I personally do not have any duplicate calculator models except for the regular TI-83 Plus, as the link port on my first one is broken. However since 2009 I acquired several models on Ebay, most of which were used, but some were brand new, and I recently bought a TI-84 Plus at Staples.

Although this is missing all link cables I still have, a TI-Nspire CD and my French TI-83 Plus manual, here is a picture of what I got so far. Click it for larger view:

Here is the order in which I acquired my calcs:

July 2001: TI-83+ (the one on which I stuck an Omnimaga label. Sadly, the link port is busted since August 2004) new
February 2002: TI-83+SE new, now defective (battery power issue)
March 2007: TI-89 Titanium new
March 2008: TI-83+ used (my bro bought it new in November 2001)
April 2008: Casio FX-9750G+ new
Fall 2008: TI-81 used
2009 (I forgot the order and time): TI-80 used (now glitched), 82 used, 85 used
Later in 2009: FX-9850G used, TI-73 used, 83 used, 86 used, 92 used (missing columns of pixels), Nspire Clickpad new
Even later in 2009: FX-7000G used, 7400G+ used, 7700GE used, 9860G new, FX 1.0 used
January 2011: Casio PRIZM FX-cg10 new
March 2011: TI-84+ new
1. TI-84+SE who is my main calc. I named him Simon...
2. Nspire, peice of garbage as the keypad sucks
3. TI-89T awesome! I dont have time for it tho, I got it for the sake of having it >.>

Dj, Kerm has more I think
That's an impressive collection, and I like how you have all the manuals laid out there too.

My collection is pretty meager: 1x 83+, 1x 89T, and one partially functional 83+ (wonky LCD driver) which I kinda 'borrowed' from Jonimus. Don't do much programming at all on them anymore, but the 89 at least sees regular use.
I have a TI-84+SE and a old TI-1200
My first calculator was a TI-83 that I got for Christmas in 7th grade, and over the years since then I've acquired dozens of TI-83+s including one Silver Edition, one blue edition, and one purple edition, a TI-89, a TI-86, and a TI-73. Those have all been lost indefinitely in a situation I'd rather not go into with parentals. My current collection is about a dozen TI-83+s, two Silver Editions, a pair of TI-84+SEs, one TI-84+, a TI-82, a TI-85, a TI-81, and my awesome Casio Prizm. An old photo of my tower of calculators before my latest 83+SE and Prizm:

Haha Kerm, isnt that just a third of your collection? I think you have Dj beat in the amount of calcs Razz

(hmm, I think that BrandonW has less than you Shock)
I just have the ti 84 plus, but i'm thinking to buy a ti 84 plus se.
Casio Prizm, TI 84+SE (the best!), Nspire (non-CAS), and TI 83+ (Broken screen, might send to Kerm Very Happy). My collection is kind of boring, but I like it all the same Smile
_player, if it's broken in a ribbon cably way, I'd be happy to send you one of my working fixed ones in exchange, fix yours, and keep it. Smile And qazz, yes, that is just the latter half of my collection as per my description.
On a side note, be glad you don't live in Canada guys. For most used calcs I got on Ebay, the calc itself usually costed between $10-40 once auction ended, but the shipping costs varied between $15 and 40. Shock

Quite ironically, when I bought stuff from Europe, Australia and China, shipping ranged between $2 and 8 and took 1 week instead of 3 for USA shipments.
Yeesh, that's horrible! My broken calculators generally cost between $5 and $20 with shipping, depending on the model (83+SEs are pricey, 84+/SEs are practically impossible to find).
I found my TI-89T. So I have one calculator.
allynfolksjr wrote:
I found my TI-89T. So I have one calculator.
You win. At everything. Forever.
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