I just got accepted (finally)to 34all.net ( found out from one of the members of this site), and now i have unlimited emails, subdomains, databases ect. Im so dam happy i can finally gert away from that a ad. Oh yea, i wonder what will happen if i take ult developers name befor he gets it, that'd be fun
mike wrote:
Oh yea, i wonder what will happen if i take ult developers name befor he gets it, that'd be fun

Laughing Please do that!!
That site looks good, but only 50mb ?!
yea, i only really use 7 megs at the moment and i just got photoshop so im going to condence them as best i can, im not really worried about going over any time soon, and if i do i think i'd be able to qualify for 57host.biz by then
oh snap, i had to do it, pm me for the password so you can change it
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
oh snap, i had to do it, pm me for the password so you can change it

Had to do what? What are you talking about?

Edit: Oh, I see now. Nicely done Very Happy
is it just me or is kyles avatar/logo GINORMOUS??? if i had enough spare time i'd make it smaller since it is on my server and comp but i well dont, i kno itwould b easy in photoshop but im busy

im 38% done downloadin Linspire Five-O from a torrent (yes its the official linspire torrent and i paid) they just released 5.0 so theres a mad rush to get it! when i got 4.5 it took about 45 min at an average of 160k with 5.0 im gettin 18k on the torrent or about 24.5 k on the ftp, but the torrent is goin faster?!? yall will all kno when i have my linspire pc setup cuz ill put the linspire logo in my sig or make an avatar with it[/irrelevant]
Done. Thanks for pointing that out. Smile
You know what is really funny. We were both at 100webspace and now we are both at 34all.net, ironic.
i have to say, i did follow your move to 34all.net, it seems really good, unlimited email, subdomains, forwarders, ect. and all ad free, pritty sweet
The only restriction is size, and I've only used 4.25 megs. My forums and a few other pages. I love shtml, I have one header and footer that all my pages use, so I just change that and all the pages change with it.
Considering that this forum is 138 KB so far with 64 posts, and we were up to 9,380 in the old forum, this will probably clear ...um... 20 megs in 6 months.
out of curiosity mike, how did you know i moved to 34all?
i was looking at your site and saw the link back to 34all.net thought that it was good since you had no ads on your site
Godfather - where did you get your domain?
I got it from domaindiscount24.com back in september when they were giving .info domains out at 25 per person, i got a few. Very Happy
I just googled it and you can get some at
If it asks for payment method, at least when I got mine, you just need to say bank transfer and all should work fine.
I wonder why they give them away for free

Also has Ultimate Dev'r just decided to abandon the forum, spring break maybe
it is only a 1 year registration. They want you to renew it after that, then they get their money.
Ah. Maybe I will stay with my .tk for now then. Smile
You dont have to renew it though
But then you can't keep using it, right?
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