Any girls here? If there aren't, Martian, you should get some. It would make things a lot of fun Wink
I've only spoken to one female calculator programmer ever, although I've heard there are others.
Hmm, I haven't seen or heard of any...
Hello...I am one of the few girls that actually program TI's. TI-programming is not my life. I do it when it is needed. I play soccer, and have red-highlighted hair. That is all you need to know. For more infomation about myself, or my programs, please contact me. Thank you
hey- im kim from the sunshine state. diamonds r nice and so r pearls but nothin compares to us florida girls! well if you're lookin for help, you've come to the wrong person, cuz i have nop clue how to work my calculator, so maybe U can help ME out. lol byebye now and ~peace out~ ~smooch~
Jae Kyung Lee ^_^
a.k.a. Jennifer Lee
female...13 years old...
03/04/88...8th grade...
live in california...
need more?
You mean the legends were true??!? Surprised Evil or Very Mad


How long ago were those posted??
Go to, right side "advanced search", check only "accounts", and search 'girl' or 'female'.
lol, duh. Laughing
Actually, you'd be surprised how many of those accounts are males desperately seeking females. Very Happy
Laughing Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh wow that's really funny. I didn't think there were any either, I'm surprised you found so many Chris. Invite em to your site, lol Wink
YYyyeeeeeaaaaahhhh, I kinda doubt that many of them are too active in the community.
This makes me sad....very sad. Sad
I know. One of my best stories is when freshman or sophomore year, I was walking home along 86th street near Central Park West. I was buisily programming my calculator as usual, and I walk past a group of about 3 girls going in the opposite direction. The middle one was doing the exact same thing I was, walking along and typing away on her TI-83+. Giggle ensued from said group of girls. I rue that I kept walking. Smile
Now I am begining to wonder about you Kerm... Rolling Eyes Laughing
You mean that I didn't accost them? I know, I wish I had gotten her number. Oh well. Sad
I am sure there will be more chances, considering you are probably going to college. I went, and most of the people there were guys, and 80% of them seemed to do drugs... The women were old, or hideous, or both... Evil or Very Mad
hmm, thaat doesn't sound too good! Surprised
It wasn't . I always went to the computer lab for lunch, to work on my site (msn one at the time)
Laughing I do that exact same thing, spending lunch working on my site and projects. Smile
well, it is 10 till 12, and I am takin an early break to work on my site a lil bit, though I still need to finish reading that book, so I can make my site better than yours... Razz Just Joking
Oh poor Chris, if only you had talked to her...

Maybe you're destined to meet again, and marry. lol
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