There are a few problems with it.
gives a syntax error and
is not the same as
The first parenthesis should stay. And, also, Stop is different than a blank ending. Stop should be kept, Return can be gotten rid of at the end of the program.
I'm making it so they can be suggested but the user doesn't have to accept them all. Erm, didn't ean to store something to 44... Very Happy
KermMartian wrote:

:If X≥3

is it optimizing for file size or for speed? I'm wondering because the first "un-optimized" one is faster than the second (just for the two statements in the quote)
A better way would be to do this:
Either way, doing "/3AB" is not the same as "/(3AB", but it is the same as "AB/3".
Hey Kerm, Parse this file:

When I looked at prgmFF, it had this section:


For my code, but when it "optimized" it, it had:


Thought you would like to know. Using my FF game ought to help debug the optimizing, anyways... Laughing
deleting it would set its value to 0, so the statements do the same thing...
But it was the way it put it, not the fact that it did.

I don't think EDelvar and FDelvar will work... Very Happy
Except that EDelvar is an invalid argument for Delvar (except for when multiple Delvars are connected). It should be Delvar E.
oops, i didn't even see the syntax error there, lol
Could SC2 be made to optionally save the optimized code as a program?
@Kirb: That's on the to-do list
@Kuro: Not only that, it's gonna have FULL EDITING!!
@Delvars: me checking. EDIT: fixed.
Your welcome, lol Razz
lol, thanks. I appreciate it.
Now for the editor interface...
Geez, if you can make that work, you could almost be considered a coding guru... Evil or Very Mad
Hehe, now THAT I would like. Smile
[postmode=flatter]All hail the soon-to-be omniscient guru of programming[/postmode] Laughing
Good Idea
Ok, I made it import the program data into the editor, and I made the clickable keymap. I have a problem though with the optimization of the recompiler, so if someone is skilled in PHP and I can trust him I would like some help... Smile

Edit: Scratch that. figured it out myself in about 2 minutes. Cool
Yes! Now that I failed my calculus final, I can stop studying for it and work on SC!
I see syntax highlighting is going well already... I'll do the rest of them tonight Smile
I found this interesting:
SourceCoder 2.0 Beta wrote:
Optimized from 4893 bytes to 6842 bytes, saving -1949 bytes or -39.8% of the original size.

I didn't take time to look through all 5000 bytes to find what was wrong, but the optimization could apparently be better.
It's actually some kind of mis-retokening bug, I need to find whatever token is causing that. Sad
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