Anyone interested in maybe starting an RPG on this site?

Just a thought, I know I love them and they're fun as hell. The ones I've been involved in have stalled/been deleted/died.

Martian, what do you think of an RPG?
'Kerm', I say! Smile

I think there are a lot of RPGs out there, but not a whole lot of really good ones. TI-Freak (Daniel Thorneycroft) is working on a cool one that he calls TI-City, which looks to be good, but I'dbe happy to make an RPG if you think it would be a good project. Once I finish Doors CS, of course. Smile Any ideas of what you might want in one?
I have in progress:

Age of Darkness Revenge
Final Fantasy: Magic's End

I have another planned after that, though the story and plot is unknown, that will utilize my RPG Starter Kit, which I am also working on updating.
I've got an idea for an RPG that I am currently working on. If only I can make some good looking sprites... Crying
You can read about it here.
Hmm, a puzzle RPG sounds kinda interesting.
I was thinking of a more traditional RPG. Like a Star Wars or a LoTR forum. What we would do is create a character, post a backstory and important information about him, then start the game. We all post about events in the life of our character and in certain cases, we make them interact and meet. Togther, the events of each character shape the direction of the story.

There are also a bunch of other ideas I have for the same type of thing.

Yea, not all RPG's are good, but if we're committed, we can make one thats really fun.
Hmm, that's a really cool idea! So let's decide: do we want a

1) Graphical RPG with less story


2) A text-based RPG with more story and some limited GFX?

I vote for (2).
why does 1 need a limited story? AODR isn't going to have one, but it will make use of some of the ROM...
What about:
3) A ASCII RPG (like Zilak: The Land of no return for the 86) with a good story and pure BASIC
4) A graphical RPG using ASM tools
TI-Freak8x wrote:
why does 1 need a limited story? AODR isn't going to have one, but it will make use of some of the ROM...

I was intending on having it fit in about 16K...
Maybe use BasicBuilder
But then it wouldn't be DCS-compatible. Sad

I think pure ASM would be the way to go.
My opinion (and I have no idea what any of you just said) is that, for now a heavily text based RPG would be best. To be honest, its easier and can be more rewarding. It would also probably attract a lot of people who aren't currently on the site, with the added bonus that they don't have to be too technologically skilled to participate.

For now, I think we should stay away from a complicated set up.
Sounds good.

(BTW - what I said was that I wanted it to be Doors CS compatible, my GUI shell - see http://cemetech.designerz-core.coma/projects/members/doorscs.html.)
So Kryptonite, are you talking about like creating an rpg on the forum, or on the calc. Because if you are talking about one for the calc, TI-City fits that bill quite nicely. Smile lol
I think we're going to design it on the forum and then program it on-calc.

Would you guys like to use the engine that powers TI-City, since it is already built?

Edit: Kryptonite, if you would like to see what I am talking about, click
I again still dont know what you're talking about, so I'm just gonna handle the written part.
umm, what we are talking about was building the RPG on the calc. I have been trying to figure out what platform you are making this rpg on.
Right. In order to program it on the calculator when the design is finish, we need to decide how we will make it. I still think it would be better in ASM (Kryptonite - think of the language that the space side-scrolling game I didn't put on your calc yet) than in BASIC (think Race 3 Turbo, of which you have a beta that may be named Indy).
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