It's have been 2 days since Diortem is at and they still havent added the screenshots. I know they have been uploaded because in my author profile the icon is blue. Why does they takes so long to add screenshots uploaded by authors? Mad
They approve files and screenshots separately. The longest I've ever heard of screenshots taking is [!] 4 months, although they usually get them in two weeks or less.
Yeah I know they approve them separately, but when authors add their own screenshots shount the screenshots appear normally after a few hours? For example with World Dominatization you made the screenshots yourself and when the file got added they appeared a few hours after the file, not 3 days, 1 week or even 1 months Confused With reuben quest Ev awakening it tooks 5 days
It just depends on how busy they are. Don't worry. Smile
Busy doing what? They don't get many files a day.
Errr....they don't really do that much work there, even with 12 staff members. Smile
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