TheStorm wrote:
We'd only need the most commonly used ones, as well as the flags and ram areas. But IMO while it might be a cool project I don't think its really worth it.

I agree with this, and what If I have an awesome game that depends on a really obscure one?
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
seana11 wrote:
Yea, but there's a LOT of them.

Still a manageable number to code though.

Hmm... Is there a collection of all of them? I have a help file on my PC with some, but only around 50

Also, you might want to read Learn TI-83 Plus Assembly In 28 Days, then post in this topic again.

I now know what's on my summer reading list...
It's a routine called by actual z80 assembly code -- having an emulator interlace with detecting BCALLs would be rather slowing and would knock it from being a true emulator, since if one BCALL was handled by the emulator, it ruins a program if someone sincerely wanted to do something like "rst 28h / .db whatever" and that happened to be a sequence not allowed.'

EDIT: many games would require full device emulation, meaning full z80 opcode handling, port functioning, and proper timing and more.
alberthrocks wrote:
BUT - as I've said, it's possible. In fact, it has already been done. Netham45 sidestepped the legal issue by hosting the emulated calcs himself, and he is allowed to do such since he owns a TI-83. The user never downloads a ROM - just simply uses a "VM instance" of a calc.
How the heck is that sidestepping the legal issue? Shock That's totally legally reprehensible. Razz I think a better way is something that's on my secondary to-do list and which I might even get a chance to attempt this summer.
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