I was going to make a post about this, then realized I had just posted a few hours earlier in UT2004. I had originally started to edit my post, but realized this would be better off as a new topic.

I hate to say I am finding UT2004 a bit boring. After doing co-op with friends on several other games, I've found the matches to be much more fun when it's you versus waves of enemies - invasion, on every level. VCTF, BR, AS, and TAM just aren't catching my attention anymore. Sad

I propose we find some great, open Invasion maps and also look into new games to adventure into for UT2004.

Or, we can look for some new, modable games we can all play. COD4 (First MW) appears to be modable, but the server would likely be more taxing to run :/ Also, the price is still a bit steep. As well, it's quite similar to UT2004 in game-modes, minus VCTF and plus some others.

I've been looking into some of the more recent games, and they all seem really fun. I have Borderlands for the PS3 and it's also available for the Computer. There are some fun places to co-op: the Underdome, which as five waves in four/five rounds. Then a higher level of five waves in 20 rounds - took my friend & I three hours to finish each set of 20 rounds (total 3, as there are three arenas). You don't gain levels/experience while in the Underdome but there's another aspect of the game in another expansion pack (T-Bone Junction) where you go up against a minimum level boss of 62; if you are within four levels of that it'll level up to keep a four level gap. My friend and I had to deploy glitched tactics to take it down, but it could be very fun with three to four of us.

Sadly, the game only supports four player co-op Sad And, not sure if Mac can connect to PC like COD4, UT2004 can.

Another game I've come across, is Galcon Fusion. It's a Steam game (that I ran into on the Mac App Store) that supports Mac-PC multiplayer, and it looks incredibly fun for 10$. There's also Civ IV & V, Two Worlds II, and Killing Floor on Steam. I'm finding Mac&PC compatible multiplayer games by selecting Mac as the tab option then selecting Multiplayer or Co-Op as the filter.

I see you guys playing games like Age of Empires, and I'd love to join but Voobly isn't for Mac, maybe we try and buy games that are over Steam or something. I'd love to play games with you guys, but like I mentioned at the start of the post, UT2004 is starting to get highly repetitive for me. Xtreme-Bridge is still one of the only VCTF maps that is straight-up a good challenge.

I think it'd be epic if Steam could show me as online when I'm connected to PSN in general, but I have to be playing Portal 2 to be shown as online in Steam from PS3. I do have Team Fortress 2 downloaded as well but can't play it on my current computer.
If you guys get http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/ (check out http://www.youtube.com/user/NaturalSelection2HD for videos) I'll play with you and be happy to take the command chair so everyone else can shoot down aliens. It's a combo FPS/RTS so I think it would be a good match for everyone.

It's still in beta, but it will be cheaper now than later. Also, I can rock my Special Edition black armor, while y'all run around in blue Razz


It isn't a Mac game unfortunately, but if you dual-boot it's worth it.
Have you ever heard of M.U.L.E.? It is an old Atari 800 economics game that supported 4 players, and is probably one of the best 4 player games ever written (in my humble opinion). The link I provided links to an emulator that hooks into Kalliera, a server client that allows you to play the game online. There is no official Mac version, but you could probably find a suitable Mac emulator. Another option is Planet M.U.L.E. which is a revamped online port of the game.
FWIW, I'd also be glad to leave UT2k4 for now. Partly because my graphics card is being stupid and won't let me do 3D, but also because it is getting slightly repetitive. I'd be game for trying out this MULE game, or any other 2D game that is multiplayer and strategic (AoE doesn't count because my computer would die playing it DSmile.

Edit: Just made an account for Planet MULE, now I have to decide what I want my character to be... Any suggestions? Such as, what you all have already chosen (The choice is permanent).

Edit: Oh, all the races are the same it seems. I'm choosing Leggite because they look the coolest Razz
ComicIDIOT, what about trying some more UT3 matches? I ended up buying UT3 well over a year ago, and I've hardly given it a workout at all. As you say, Age of Empires 2 is fun, and there's also Minecraft and Freebuild.
I have UT3 on PS3 and UT3 isn't on Mac yet. With Natural Selection & UT3, I'd definitely be one for Dual Booting Seven; I'd likely purchase the Unreal Pack from Steam so I can have UT2004 on Windows since OS X 10.7/Lion won't support the language required for the "Updated UT2004 Installer" so I can play on Lion.
I think a Cemetech Minecraft server would be really awesome, but it would have to be in offline mode so people without premium accounts like me could play.
Souvik, it won't work. Well, it does. But only one of you would be able to join. I run an offline-mode server for me and my friend, his GF downloaded MC and when she logs in, he gets logged out. He logs back in, she gets logged out.

They also share resources. So, he can have a few diamond axes. Then she'd log on while he's offline, die, and when he logs back in, it's all gone. As well as where he last was. He'll come back to where she signed out.
Comic: it actually does work. Juju's server's in offline mode, and it works just like a regular server.
It does, yes. As I stated "...it doesn't work. Well, it does." But, if you read my whole post, it doesn't work as you'd expect. Unless, the server has been updated to work differently since I've played online with them.
Sorry if I wasn't being clear. Juju's server can handle multiple players logged on at the same time, and no one dies and loses their stuff.
comicIDIOT wrote:
I have UT3 on PS3 and UT3 isn't on Mac yet. With Natural Selection & UT3, I'd definitely be one for Dual Booting Seven; I'd likely purchase the Unreal Pack from Steam so I can have UT2004 on Windows since OS X 10.7/Lion won't support the language required for the "Updated UT2004 Installer" so I can play on Lion.

Let me know if you get NS2. I'd definitely be up for playing.
How many bought the game, though? You logging on won't log the other users out, just the user who hasn't bought the game. Since only one un-paid copy of MC can be played on an offline server among paid users.

Perhaps the server has a server side authentication that bypasses Mojang's, but that would likely be crossing a few terms of use with them.

Souvik, if you are "Player" on Juju's server then what you are proposing won't work. Both my friend and his girlfriend are "Player" on my server. And since the server thinks they are the same account (as they both connect as player) it only allows one of them to connect. So, you can be enjoying the Cemetech MC server, then another Cemetechian who hasn't bought the game, joins up and boots you out.
There are programs that make it so you can change your nick from Player to anything you would like. I won't say the name, because it is essentially pirating. But it works, and would get around that limitation.
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